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Wow. Okay, yeah.

Work is going well. Past experiences are definitely helping my QA performance here. They treat their employees well. Very pleased so far.

Pottery is going smoothly. Tons of pics to upload about my works and I'll get to writing those up soon.

Now that I have an income, I grabbed a PS4 with Bloodborne, Final Fantasy Type-0, and the Uncharted Collection. Pleased with it all so far.

More to come. Hope you're all doing well.

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Frozen Flame, 80% complete. LEDs to be installed tonight.

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Taiko Drummer! Awwwwww yeah!!

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On my morning jog, I found half of a cat. There was no blood trail, it's tags were removed, and I couldn't find the other half. It was just dumped there. Animal control has been called.

Pray to all the gods you can think of, human. If I find you, you'll need them.

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QA in a nutshell. (Honestly, though, they've got a solid team here.)

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The Fire Told Me To.

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D&D Monster of the Week.

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Monsters of the Week.

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The movie Sleepy Hollow, starring Johnny Depp, was released in 1999. That makes it 16 years old.

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Bearded Ryu is nice, I guess, but I'm forever team Zangief. Definitely team Gouken, too.


Aug. 29th, 2015 10:44 am
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Ugh. Looked at news whilst reading coffee. Now disgusted with everything. No more internet for me today.

(On a side note, Gawker has a nice link to baboon gifs.)

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When iconic characters and settings get stale, fans complain about the lack of change. When things are changed, fans complain that it shouldn't have happened. Therefore, fans are whine-babies.

The role of Thor is now in the hands of a woman? Sure, she even kicks ass at it and it's well written. (He was also a frog once, so whatever.) Superman has been portrayed by a cyborg, a man in a power suit, a telekinetic kid, a different alien, and even split into two beings. We say "Sure, whatever." Yet, when the recently "deceased" Logan (aka, Wolverine) has his role passed on to his female clone, Laura, fans go feral.

"Don't touch him! Put him back!"
"Laura Caitlyn?"
"Don't make mine Marvel."
"So, Wolverine's a pussy now?"
"Black Captain America, female Thor, Mexican Spider-Man, and now girl Wolverine? wtf?"

The gibbering litany of insults over on Marvel's website from "fans" showing hate over a fictional character's title being passed on to a female shows, explicitly, that these people (both male and female) ignore the very concepts their treasured heroes/heroines are written to struggle against.

Congratulations, whine-babies, you've become worse than most of the villains your icons fight.
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I got a few more pieces back from the studio, so I'll post a quick comment on them.

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I should mention that unless the piece is marked as "unavailable," I'm happy to give the pieces over to interested parties (with priority going to those who don't have any of my pieces or received anything during my stay in Japan.)

Just leave me a note if anything strikes anyone's fancy!
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Raku. It's complicated.

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The Ring Centerpiece was coated in a metallic copper glaze with bronze green highlights, but it seems like the bronze didn't hold up to the firing process. The copper, obviously, shines brightly, but I'm told that it will fade over time, both losing it's luster and possibly becoming greener. What you can't see from this image is that the piece is off-center; the top bowl is set too far one way (left or right, based on view) and the ring leans slightly back. From one perspective it's hardly visible, but from the other it's damned noticeable. Sigh.

The ziggurat-like urn is one of three I made for Ioliel to hold her ashes. This one was coated entirely in a metallic aqua glaze. However, some element of the copper from the centerpiece contaminated the glaze, giving it an interesting aqua-copper mix. While I would have preferred consistent coloring like the lid has, it might turn more green over time.
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The City of Westminster (yes, it's abbreviated as COW) ceramics class agrees to create 200 bowls for a charity at the end of the year and any student who wishes to participate in creating some may do so for free using the recycled clay available at the studio.

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The final two weeks of the course offer the options for airbrush use and Raku firing.

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I'm pleased to introduce you all to our lovely little girl, Ookiname Mimsabel! Her nickname is Mimsy. (Yes, we know what that means.)

This tiniest of girls has the cutest 'mew' and adorable dance I've ever seen a kit have. She's just barely bigger than a tennis shoe and still finds us large things (humans) rather looming and intimidating. For several days, she stayed in the library while she and Nico worked out co-habitation rules, but now she's darting about all three levels of the house. The cats are getting along well enough; no open fighting and respecting each others' space. That's about all I can ask for.
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Starting next month, Twitter change from it's arbitrary 140 character limit "tweets" to 10,000... if you send a Direct Message to another person. (Normal tweets will still contain the limitation on length.)

Yeah, Twitter just barely caught up with ICU from 1999. Congrats, guys.


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