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Oops, forgot to toss these up here.

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And now the adventure pauses for... laundry. Yeah. Dangerous, I know. :/
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After a lengthy flight, we landed in Anchorage...

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Another set of photos have been dumped into the Flickr account. This time we went down to Homer to see the pre-tourist season sights, saw many bald eagles, and met up with some friends.

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I'm going to toss a handful of photos on here regarding today's adventures. There may or not be commentary as I'm really tired right now.

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We're heading off to Alaska for the week courtesy of a gift from [livejournal.com profile] dr_tectonic's mom. (Bob's watching the house while we're gone.) Tonight we're staying in Anchorage, tomorrow heading down the Kenai Peninsula, and stopping for a bit in Soldatna. Looking through some of the touristy materials, I foresee many options to fish, view dangerous animals, go boating, and other outdoorsy stuff. That's all well and good, but I'm especially going to enjoy the low altitude oxygen boost to my workouts! (Chumps down at sea level don't know how good they've got it.) I'm told that moose are far, far more dangerous than the bears up in that area, and I told SBN that I would bring home some antlers should I happen to win in a fight against one (highly unlikely).

Seriously, though, this should be a wonderfully relaxing trip with absurd amounts of breathtaking images that I'll be sure to upload when I get the chance.

In other news, today at the kung fu school, one of the TSD brown belts tested for her black belt, but since I was busy packing and such I didn't go and have no idea if she passed or not. She's a bit older than me and I'm always keen on seeing people 40+ earning that achievement, and it's always nice to have a few extra black belts/sashes at the school.


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