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Dear neighborhood children,

When you see a scowly man practicing with sword, staff, etc., in a tennis court, there are a few things you should NOT do.

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Old hat

May. 31st, 2013 10:16 am
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Oh, look. DC must have found a new refrigerator, or at least cleared out some room in the old one.
*spoilers, not that it really matters*


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The finer points of the day so far:

*two patrons have loud disagreement, police called to mediate.

*unrelated to previous incident, another patron claimed we stole $1 from him. (We didn't, as he realized much later)

*students insistent that you can rent textbooks from the library instead of buying them at the bookstore.

*At home, new neighbor behind us parks directly behind our garage. Again. She sees that I'm pissed, and offers me this apology: "Look, I wanted to say that I'm sorry that you're angry and this will never happen again." She then walks away without waiting for a response from me. I guess you'll be taking us off your Christmas card list, then?

It's only 1:30 PM here. I wonder what other crazy people I'll run into today?
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What is this? I don't even...

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The Mass Effect 3 clip for the male same sex romance scene is available on YouTube, merely showing two men snuggling in black undies on a bed. That's... all we get? Dragon Age had a hell of a lot more when Zhevran bottomed for my dwarven hero, but here we get space spooning? Really? Tame and lame. I'll verify this when I get my hands on a copy in a few days.

In other news, during a fighting game tournament, the female contender endured sexist comments from other players, staff, and viewers, had the camera man constantly zoom in on her breasts and rump, and even endured one other contestant screaming "RAPE THAT BITCH" during a bout. There's a good amount of backlash occurring here on both sides of the argument.

Me? I have this message for the gaming community.


And you wonder why I won't play online with you anymore.





Jul. 22nd, 2011 08:39 pm
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I had some spare time today and saw that Netflix added this universally panned flick. I'm usually not against watching a bad movie, but I obviously had no idea what I was getting into.

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Three weapons broke during practice. This wasn't the worst part of my day. So... angry....
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My Lit class has thus far been as enjoyable as the Arabic Lit class from last term, but for different reasons. Herr Vinkle, as I shall call her, is an instructor who as demanded that There Shall Be No Laptops While She's Lecturing. Her excuse, feeble as it is, is simply that it might be too distracting for other students while you're writing your notes or that you might check your email, which means you're not paying attention to Her. She has a class of 150+ students in a large lecture hall, using her laptop to put up slides, but we can't because we won't be poring over her every word while she tells us how life altering Conrad's use of light and shadow actually is in the text Heart of Darkness. She's operating off of 'might,' 'may,' and 'possibly,' which are thinly veiled attempts at disguising her desperate need for control.

I can see how some students don't pay attention in class, especially with dull material, and She supplements Her discussion with surprise questions that we must answer through the use of the iClicker, a $40 device registered to each of us which lets us submit an answer by pressing a button. I don't need to go into the blatant logical flaw regarding replacement technology, but one would think that Herr Vinkle and Her Elites (the TA's) would have seen this little issue and simply asked for hand-written answers to these questions which would also count as attendance. (Also, She has failed to use the iClicker correctly for the past two weeks.)

Forgiveness can be given, though, as it's hard to make students care, but She goes one step further in Her attempts at a Police State by distributing Her Elites randomly through the student audience. I sit the left-most back row, a seat that is next to both an aisle and a large open area approximately three seats wide. No sits next to me. No one is remotely close to me. I prefer this. I'll obey the "There Shall Be No Laptops While She's Lecturing" rule, but my iPod is perfect to discreetly check my mail without fuss while I'm waiting for Herr Vinkle to get over how dark the Congo is portrayed. Ah, but I failed to notice Ms. Glasses, one of Herr Vinkle's Elite, sitting in the spot far, far to my right. She actually had to put down her coffee, set down her notebook, extract herself from her seat, walk the space of three seats to stand over me proclaiming, "You Need To Turn That Off."

"Excuse me?" I reply.

"That. The Phone. Turn It Off." She promptly turns returns to her seat, clearly put out that people aren't respecting the There Shall Be No Laptops While She's Lecturing rule.

So that's how it's gonna be? Not only am I *clearly* not one of the typical students, but I'm also far removed from the herd so that I can't distract anyone. Okay, Ms. Glasses, you and Herr Vinkle are about to recieve my FULL ATTENTION.
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Classes have begun today for what should be my final term here at CU Boulder. It's not an exciting term: Contemporary and Modern English Lit, History of Modern Japan, and a Political Science class regarding Asian countries. I'll be left with enough time to work on my thesis, which is finally starting to coalesce in a readable format, but I've got much work to do on it.

I've been notified that I'm past my limit of 180 hours for FinAid, but I'd submitted a petition pleading to allow my stay for just one more term. My GPA is quite respectable, so I'm not concerned about it, though it does put off my tuition payment and subsequent refund a bit. Boo to that.

Yesterday's snowfall seems to have dumbfounded these silly Colorado drivers, and I'm always amazed that the first real snowfall of the season robs them of any ability to drive in the stuff. This is a cyclical event, folks. You've seen it before, you should remember how to handle it. My 1.5 hour bus ride this morning was not at all appreciated, especially since it should only take 30 minutes to drive that distance. I'm starting to believe that I need one of those large paper folding fans to smack people with when they're being unreasonably stupid.

Oh, yeah. My OG,OD,OY project may slow down due to school, but I enjoy writing about the games so it's highly unlikely that I'll stop. Besides, *someone* has to warn you all about the horrible games, so it might as well be me.
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25 page project analyzing Korean (written and spoken)? Complete!


Now, just two 10 page papers to write and a final to endure.
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So... None of the classes I took at KG qualify as upper credit courses, nor do they fill any of my core requirements for graduation according to CU Boulder. Of the classes I'm taking now, only one is counting for any requirements, but not the WESTERN Art and Lit or History classes I now need. The senior thesis turns out to be a year long project that is highly supervised, but that's irrelevant as my advisor is unavailable to assist me anyway. What the fuck am I doing at this school?

Right. Time to move on. Let the job hunting commence.


Nov. 9th, 2009 09:51 pm
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Okay, so here I am annoyed at the large amount of trash I've seen left in the park by students. (I know they were students because I found and returned a cell phone to the dorm of one of the offenders.) Yes, this looks bad for all of us foreign students, and we already have a hard enough time gaining respect from some of the locals. Seriously, pick up after yourselves!

Yet, after doing the job for them as they were long gone, I came upon a dilemma which may have explained the whole situation; there are no trash bins in many public areas, and certainly not in the park near the dorms. Part of this is the mentality that you need to clean up after yourself, so the need for public waste recepticles is rather moot. Add to this the insane amount of sorting trash that must occur for things to be properly disposed of.

Here, you have the following classifications; Burnable Trash, Recyclable Plastics, PET Bottles (not considered a Recyclable Plastic), Aluminum Cans, and... I think a few other categories. Yes, you do need to categorize correctly, else you get a stern talking to for your mistake. Burnable Trash includes paper, food wastes, and other contaminated items which cannot be recycled. Recyclable Plastics are things like plastic or vinyl wrappers and bags which are extremely prolific here, as well as food containers.


If your food container still has remnants of food in it, it must be first cleaned before proper disposal. Yes, you clean your trash. If it can't be cleaned, you wrap it in a bag and put it in Burnables.

Disposable Razors? Those would go in a special trash bin which we students don't have to worry about, so they, too, go in burnables, as the razor blades prohibit them from going into the plastics bin.

And yes, it's important to keep the PET bottles seperate from the other Plastics. Entirely different issue.

So, yeah, I almost could see why they didn't pick up after themselves, but then I realized they could have just brought it back to the dorms with them. They're just wrappers, you slackers! It's not like they're gonna weigh you down any! Jerks!
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So, heaps of thanks to everyone who sent me the supportive thoughts and emails about my problems with the family. No, it's not resolved, but I can wait it out.

I wanted to let everyone know that we're still doing Movie Nights here at the TAMC dwelling. This month, [livejournal.com profile] saintpookie has the helm, and he's declared it to be a Maggie Smith theme. You may remember her as Professor MacGonagall in the Harry Potter movies, but if you're more international in your viewing preferences, then you'll immediately know why we love her as an actress. So far we've seen The Last September and Keeping Mum, and this Sunday we're showing The Prime of Ms. Jean Brody.

Would anyone be interesting in a monthly anime night viewing?

One of our KF students has finally come to the realization that most people at the school think he's a jerk. Let's see here: disrespectful, openly laughing at some of the forms, crude, dismissive, and thick-headed. Yup. He's a dick.

While I can't talk about work much, I can say this: I'm on a project where I can actually stun the female co-workers with my unabashed lack of taste. No, it's not any HR violation, but they stop what they're doing to gawk while I'm testing. Needless to say, I both love and hate my new project.


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