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It's fairly clear to you all that I've been going through some serious upheavals over the past few months, but the exact details haven't yet be divulged. Let me correct that now.

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I got a few more pieces back from the studio, so I'll post a quick comment on them.

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I should mention that unless the piece is marked as "unavailable," I'm happy to give the pieces over to interested parties (with priority going to those who don't have any of my pieces or received anything during my stay in Japan.)

Just leave me a note if anything strikes anyone's fancy!
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Raku. It's complicated.

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The Ring Centerpiece was coated in a metallic copper glaze with bronze green highlights, but it seems like the bronze didn't hold up to the firing process. The copper, obviously, shines brightly, but I'm told that it will fade over time, both losing it's luster and possibly becoming greener. What you can't see from this image is that the piece is off-center; the top bowl is set too far one way (left or right, based on view) and the ring leans slightly back. From one perspective it's hardly visible, but from the other it's damned noticeable. Sigh.

The ziggurat-like urn is one of three I made for Ioliel to hold her ashes. This one was coated entirely in a metallic aqua glaze. However, some element of the copper from the centerpiece contaminated the glaze, giving it an interesting aqua-copper mix. While I would have preferred consistent coloring like the lid has, it might turn more green over time.
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The City of Westminster (yes, it's abbreviated as COW) ceramics class agrees to create 200 bowls for a charity at the end of the year and any student who wishes to participate in creating some may do so for free using the recycled clay available at the studio.

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The final two weeks of the course offer the options for airbrush use and Raku firing.

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I've been enrolled in an 8 week class of ceramics at the local Rec Center and it's been wonderful getting my hands on the clay again! Mmmmm MM!
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Hi there!

Jul. 21st, 2015 08:45 pm
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No, I ain'tn't dead; rather, I've just been hobblin' along this depressing year.

After Ioliel's passing, the house has been emptier than it's used to being. Nicodimius had been showing signs of sadness and missing his playmate, but he's perked up recently. I think we'll be getting another cat soon and hope they'll mesh.

I had to head back to OR to spread Dad's ashes and check in on Mom. She's doing alright, but I can already see her mentally assigning her possessions to the kids. I love her, but I do wish she'd stop thinking she's one foot in the grave already.

Pretty much all jobs I'd been applying for have fallen through. While ultimately unsurprising given my resignation from the last job I was in, you'd think that someone would need a hard working monkey. Still, there may be a small glimmer of hope yet...

Oh! I'm back in ceramics! The Rec Center nearby has a pretty stocked pottery center that has all the stuff I'm used to and more. I'll post a few pics of what I've made thus far soon. Have I mentioned I'm happy about this? I am.

Gaming-wise, I'm enjoying Final Fantasy 14: A World Reborn for the MMO fix I need, I've acquired a Sony Vita (which happens to be an underused machine that probably won't succeed in the US), and being passably entertained by Drakengard 3. Yes, I do have ample spare time.

Hugs and cuddles, everyone.
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Events have been set into motion. Please, please, please let these occur. I'm ready to walk this path.
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Based on the info I've received from everyone, it looks like late Sunday would be the best time for the showing, which works out for me just fine. As such, I offer this:

This Sunday, starting at 3 PM and ending at 5 to 6 PM, I'll have the pieces out on display with the videos playing in the background, tools available for inspection, and some snacks (i.e., please don't show up hungry).

That said, last week's game of Descent will be put on hold until next week, though late Saturday afternoon is a potential time for a new scenario. If you're interested, shoot me a note.
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There are several events that need some input to fully organize, which means that I need YOU to help me out.

First, the ceramics 'Art Show.' (I'm loathe to call it that, as my work is merely crude grasping at the wheel, but I'm prompted to do so by many friends so I'll just play along.) I'll have on display all of the pieces that have made it home and if one of them happens to be yours (you'll be notified in advance) you can take it at the end of the show. For those who can't make it for whatever reason, I'll arrange to have it shipped to you shortly. I think this will only be about two hours or so, and I'll have the DVD's I acquired from Inomata-sensei playing which show all of the techniques he uses in his classes.

Second, Kids Takarazuka needs to be shown, and I think I'll show the 'Exciter!!' revue, as it's far more energetic and appealing that the slow and sort of confusing 'Andre's Story.' The show takes about an hour, and is a wonder to behold. This needn't be shown here; if you happen to have more space and have a region free DVD player, we can host this elsewhere.

Third, Descent games. I'd really love to get a weekly or twice weekly game going, but then again I can endure it (most people fade after a few hours.) Anyway, if you've had some experience playing, then you know that we've got lots of characters to choose from, so literally *anyone* could try it out.

Now that you know what I'd like to host, I'd love your feedback on the schedule I have planned.


This weekend: Saturday, 1 PM to 3 PM would be the art show, and Sunday at about Noon would be the conclusion of last week's Descent game.


This weekend: Sunday, 1-3 Art show, no Descent.


Next weekend: Saturday, 2 PM to 3 PM would be the Takarazuka screening, and Sunday at about Noon would be Descent.


Next weekend: Sunday 1 PM to 2 PM would be Takarazuka, no Descent.


Please let me know what works for your personal schedule the best, though I personally would prefer to have the Takarazuka happen next weekend so that the guys don't have to hear it 4 times in just over a week.
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14 boxes of stuff have arrived, containing clothes, books, and (most importantly) the ceramics! I think I'm still missing a box or two, as I know not all of my plates are here, but they should be arriving soon enough.

Of the many, many pieces I have, only a small handful of them broke, and even then, only 2 are beyond repair. That's not a bad percentage, and I'm pretty grateful! The locals here are asking for an 'art show' for my work, which I'm nearly positive doesn't deserve such attention, but I would get to hand off a few pieces to their owners. It would be either this weekend or the next, though I may start shipping some pieces off to their new home before long.

In the meantime, I've got lots of things to unpack now, and even more to show to my guys. Oh, and I'll need to toss some up to Flickr as well.

Sigh. So much to do, so little time.
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I've uploaded the entirety of my images (nearly 100!) over on Flickr.


Yes, I'm late on getting to the Flickr craze, but now that I've tried it, I'm sold. It's fast, easy, and sorting stuff is a breeze. Quite nice.
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Well, at these turned out mostly okay.

After my last final in one hour, I've got 'guard duty' for the ceramics exhibit, which also happens to share the same space as the sumi-e class. I've seen a few of their works, and I'm way impressed. Lots of pics to come!
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During the final firing after the glaze was applied, the support piece at the bottom collapsed. Apparently the weight of the glaze was just too much for the hardened clay, and it chose to buckle.

This is the second and last of my large pieces that I made during my stay here. I had considered the idea of giving either Bunbo Bridge or this centerpiece to H and his family to show how much I appreciated their support, but now I have nothing. There are no words for how bitter I am at this.
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Okay, term paper for the Yokai class is complete and took less time that I thought it would. Go me.

I'd like to present my ceramics Sensei, Inomata Yoshio. He's a very funny and patient man who's been working with KG for close to 30 years, I think.

Just before the pic was taken, he says jokingly, "I am very busy. Peace!" He then throws the peace sign. I will miss him.


And... back to studies.
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This is 80% of what I won't be using for my art presentation next week, though that won't keep them from being given as gifts. ;)

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And with that, I'm going off-line until my finals are done. Be well everyone. See you in a few days!
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I can quit any time I want!

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These are the last pieces I made for this class, and I'll be putting the finishing touches on them tomorrow morning before putting them in the queue for the kiln. Keep in mind that they are still in a rough state, and I hope to fix any last issues tomorrow.

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Final mug

May. 1st, 2010 01:47 pm
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There. I've finished one for me, which should pacify the folks who keep telling me to make more stuff for myself.

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Dear CU Boulder,

What is the purpose of denying Ceramics classes to nearly all but the Art Majors? I understand that you'd like to reserve room for those students, but this seems quite exclusive. Also, just one session of Ceramics For Non-Majors each term? Really?

No hugs for you,



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