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When iconic characters and settings get stale, fans complain about the lack of change. When things are changed, fans complain that it shouldn't have happened. Therefore, fans are whine-babies.

The role of Thor is now in the hands of a woman? Sure, she even kicks ass at it and it's well written. (He was also a frog once, so whatever.) Superman has been portrayed by a cyborg, a man in a power suit, a telekinetic kid, a different alien, and even split into two beings. We say "Sure, whatever." Yet, when the recently "deceased" Logan (aka, Wolverine) has his role passed on to his female clone, Laura, fans go feral.

"Don't touch him! Put him back!"
"Laura Caitlyn?"
"Don't make mine Marvel."
"So, Wolverine's a pussy now?"
"Black Captain America, female Thor, Mexican Spider-Man, and now girl Wolverine? wtf?"

The gibbering litany of insults over on Marvel's website from "fans" showing hate over a fictional character's title being passed on to a female shows, explicitly, that these people (both male and female) ignore the very concepts their treasured heroes/heroines are written to struggle against.

Congratulations, whine-babies, you've become worse than most of the villains your icons fight.

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May. 31st, 2013 10:16 am
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Oh, look. DC must have found a new refrigerator, or at least cleared out some room in the old one.
*spoilers, not that it really matters*


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NSFW, K. You have [livejournal.com profile] toosuto to "thank" for this one.

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I'm tucking the images and links behind a cut so as to avoid messing up your feed size window... thing. Yeah. Anyway, the teams were redesigned by different artists over on DeviantArt as early Japanese character in the Edo period.

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Third, a WTF moment.

On my recent trip up to Seattle, I spied an odd ad which harkened to my inner geek. While I know nothing about the company itself, I must say that the image certainly captures one's attention.

*-Apparently they sell coffee, not jewelry. See, I actually knew *nothing* about the company. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] dcseain!

For myself (and those of you who recall the Golden Age DC Comics) seeing Wonder Woman's foe, The Cheetah, actually holding down a legit job as a model rather baffled me. She probably stole something on her way off the set (most likely the very jewels she posed with.)
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The SNES entered the scene during my late junior high and early high school days, which means that I have some fairly fond memories of the titles. Yet, if I sit here and talk about all the good games, then nothing productive comes of the project as I need to be critical. That said, next on the list is one that's not so stellar, but not half bad.

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse, for the SNES, published and developed by Capcom.

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I'd heard good things about the new cartoon series, Batman: The Brave and The Bold, but I've yet to watch an episode. After seeing this clip, I'm totally kicking myself for it. If it's this good regularly, I'm an instant fan.

Catwoman, Huntress, and Black Canary (collectively the Birds of Prey) sing about the... traits of their male superhero counterparts. Completely hilarious, amazingly well done, and catchy to boot!

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There's some debate about who will direct the next movie in this utterly non-canonical series, and I don't give a damn. Taken from a FB conversation with a friend of mine, I had a few thoughts.

"Hm. Given how much they've messed up the previous movie, I have a few speculations as to what may happen.

Logan will struggle with his animal ferocity but come to terms with it through interpretive dance steps taught to him by Storm, who happens to be in her mid-20's. The Canadian pop band/national defence group, Alpha Flight, will challenge them to a mutant dance off, which Senator Kelly will view as a threat to all human kind. He'll send out his breakdancing Sentinel group to destoy them, but the power of love and acceptance will save the day. Logan will then trip, hit his head, and forget everything. Again.

This plot makes just about as much sense as the last one, and equally accurate in Marvel canon."

My friend then points out that you can't have a dance-off without Dazzler.

"Oh, good call. Dazzler comes in with her roller-disco garb, Beast jumps in with capieora while wearing tights, and Douglas Ramsey (aka Cypher) shows up doing the Hammer dance in parachute pants. Perfect."


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