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I prepped for today's classes at Saeng Myong Martial Arts wtih a 1.5 mile jog to get the cardio going, then met up for classes.

LT - Most of the Tigers are on vacation, but one die-hard girl insisted on coming to class. She worked on getting her punches and blocks down while stepping into front stance, learned how to do push-ups and sit-ups, and tried to push herself when she was tired. Exemplary performance, young Tiger! Way to go!

TSD - Sun Bae Nim Cheryl led the class today, giving us some forms practice and a drill on rapid triple roundhouse kicks. Quite useful, those. Following that, we had a quick rundown of board breaking rules and practiced on the rebreakable boards.

Weapons - I had the students slow down the weapons forms a bit to give me time to place a kicking shield at each strike, letting them have tactile feedback on attack power and feel some impact resistance. This got them to re-examine their forms and do some introspection.

KF - After warm-ups and form work, I had the students practice some sword combat elements: blocking, parrying, counter attack kicks, and more. They felt the drill helped them be less rigid during a sword/knife fight, and I'm glad they were so responsive to it.
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2 mile run/jog warm up, 1 hour on the weight machines, 2 mile jog cool down. It's a reasonable way to start the day, but with my next black belt test only 4 months away, I'll need to up my game.
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Two 2 mi. jogs with an additional 1.5 hrs at the gym. This would explain my overwhelming desire to nap.

So busy!

Oct. 7th, 2013 10:13 pm
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Since our return from Switzerland, I've been crazy busy with martial arts stuff. Let me summarize-

*I passed my test for high level red belt in TSD. This leaves me with just under a year to pass two more tests before another black belt test emerges.

*The Little Tigers program has been a blast. Saturday morning class has been progressing well, and I've been invited to take over an early Friday afternoon class on an ongoing basis.

*Our school had a booth open at Broomfield Days, a local annual event where nearby businesses try to gain some visibility during the fair-like events. We had our demo team show their stuff and they drew in quite a crowd. Here's to hoping we gain a few new students for our efforts.

*Sunday class has been reasonably successful, though so far only our teenage brown belts have really utilized it regularly. I'm not complaining, mind you, as they've been practicing quite hard during the unstructured time, but I do hope some of the other students take advantage of the class.

Of course, while I'm on the topic of a Sunday Class, let me share with this little tale with you...

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So, not everything went swimmingly at the test. Sure, there's always some hiccups or snags on some level which draw attention and this is to be expected, but a few bits of yesterday stood out for several reasons.

(Behind the cut, a bit TMI in some cases.)

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The test took about 4 hours (with a few breaks in there), but I passed! I've still got a few areas that need sharpening/refining, but everything else met the requirements for certification. You can find some more pics and even a video or two over on Flickr.

Juris and me, post-test by Kansai Monkey
Juris and me, post-test, a photo by Kansai Monkey on Flickr.

The successful black belt candidates breathe a sigh of relief.

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Finally down to 165 lbs. and staying nicely within that range. Just need to push myself a bit more and I'll be ready for this weekend's test.

Tired, of course.
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All's well here despite the internet silence. Beemer made a smashing dinner the other night which you can read over on his journal. Nom.

I've been stressing a bit on the black belt test this weekend, not because I've slacked on my training, but because I'm getting a bit of fatigue from it all. We can't have burnout at this point, can we? Ah, well, it's just one more week.

Dishonored for the Xbox 360 has been my current choice of games, though in a few ways I've found it a bit lacking. Certainly the game offers a diverse array of skills for many playing styles (stealth, action, tech, mystical powers, lethal or non-lethal take-downs) and the levels are reasonably accommodating for clever players to reach their goals, but I find the story to be a bit lacking. The plot twist could be seen coming almost at the beginning of the game if one thinks about motives for a moment, leaving me controlling a shockingly dim-witted, mute, faceless assassin in a predictable world. Well, okay, that's not entirely fair since the mysterious supernatural element is a nice touch, the source for the steam/electric-punk energy is unorthodox, and some of the male models are kinda hot, so it's not all bad. Just, you know, the allegedly engrossing story.
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I'm taking the month off from my contract at the library to focus on getting the black belt, and given that workouts and running routines are keeping me fit, I should be ready barring unforeseen circumstances. That said, today's classes focused on the tempo of the sword form to improve the slow/moderate/blast speeds at appropriate points. Previously my efforts were okay, but today's session solidified it into an elegant, dynamic form that somehow remained hidden from me.

To help with the training at home, I've cleared out the downstairs even more than it was to give me LOTS of room to do forms. It's a bit inconvenient to do weapons forms right now as there happens to be a lot of junk in the way, but B-kun promises to help analyze/dispose of most of it tomorrow.

Sorry, I'm a bit distracted. Our lil' girl cat, Ioliel, is lightly snoring next to me with an almost gentle *sigh* on each exhale. It'd be downright adorable if she wasn't such a hellion today, but it's still cute.

B-kun and I went to see Wreck It Ralph with [livejournal.com profile] heypyro and a host of other local guys last night. Fun movie, well paced, a bit too saccharine at times, good comedic timing, and plenty of cameos to keep any gamer's eyes actively looking at all the background characters. 3D added some nice layers to the race scene, but it's not a requirement for viewing.

I've been plodding through Darksiders II for the Xbox 360 with mixed reactions. Using the formulaic progression found in the Zelda titles, the rich settings and spooky background like the Legacy of Kain series, and the loot-collecting properties of MMO's like Warcraft, I can see how the dev team at Vigil took the best aspects of many games to create a reasonably fun title. Sure, it's a visual treat and a heroic tale, but the core mechanics aren't different enough to make the elements distinct from the inspiring games. At one point I acquire the Deathclaw ability. It's all glowy purple and ominous and whatnot, but it's little more than the Hookshot with a fresh coat of paint. Not to say that Vigil didn't try, but I think there could have a bit more innovation here.

Let me add that some of the missions/plot points are annoyingly tedious and feel like busy work; King X wants me to acquire his 3 Y's before he can get me to plot point Z. However, Y2 wants me to find his 3 lost A's before he'll come with me, all of which are IN HIS OWN MAZE. You'd think he'd know where they are, or at least have an easier time finding them than I would, but, no, like all protagonists, I must do everything for everyone despite being the Death, one of The Horsemen of The Apocalypse. Seriously? Fetch quests? Yawn. Gripes aside, it's a fun treat with plenty of customization available, tons of optional side quests, and some impressive stages to admire.
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Didn't quite get in my 21+ forms during practice today, but I still worked up a nice sweat.

post forms


Oct. 30th, 2012 09:14 am
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I've resumed my Tang Soo Do/Tae Kwon Do training this week to supplement the Kung Fu studies, which pretty much puts me in the studio every day. This is a good opportunity for me, despite what my legs are telling me today after last night's series of 600+ kicks. (Ow, my all of me!) After a refresher of the basic stances and a slight amount of despair at having forgotten all but one of the forms, I'm relearning them at a swift enough pace that I'm not deterred. This is worth it.

I must say, though, that the white do bok fits me very differently now that I'm 30 lbs. lighter than when I wore it last. (Yes, sweaty pics forthcoming. Calm down.)

On the KF side of things, I'll be taking over 3 of the Saturday weapons and regular classes per month to give SBM some well earned time off. Truth be told, I hate mornings with a passion, but for the chance to swing the sword and staff around, I'll cope.
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I wanted to postpone my commentary on the weekend's test until I found some resolution to a certain event which occurred during the event that I've avoided mentioning until now. But first, let me do a quick rundown of how the 4.5 hour exam progressed.

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Sep. 29th, 2012 03:21 pm
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The pre-black belt test ran from 9:30 AM to about 2 PM with a few small breaks here and there, but I stuck with it and passed! This means that I'm clear to take the black best test at the end of November (the week before Thanksgiving.)


I've got a handful of pics to sort through, but I'll post some here when I'm done.

Hugs and snuggles to everyone! I'm going to shower and nap now.



Sep. 24th, 2012 08:22 pm
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I am the very saint of the Indomitable Spirit.

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More martial arts talk and whatnot.

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First of all, I have lost enough weight that two of my belts are now too large for me.

*happy monkey dance!!*


We just secured 2 seats for Eddie Izzard's Oct. 13th show at CU Boulder. Row B, even!

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This was my day...

(More KF stuff, more library patron asshattery)

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Today's workout-

*1.5 mile run
*All forms completed
*300 hand/elbow attacks on the bag

Pre-test is at the end of next month. Must increase my workout intensity.
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While getting to know some of the staff here at the circ desk, they've been asking me about my training and how it's going. I mention that I'm on target for cardio, strength, and weight loss, as shown by the 20 lbs I've lost since March. They take a second to let that sink in, visualizing what I used to look like. "Hey," I said, "I've worked really hard all year for this!"

Somewhere from within the library, a number of children began cheering and applauding. I seize the opportunity to strike a victorious pose. "See? I even have children cheering me on!" The co-workers stare while listening to the children, audibly muttering "What the hell??", wondering if this was somehow planned or just a random event. I don't know what happened either, but it was too good to pass up.


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