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The sushi in front of you have different ingredients hidden in the rice.

Some have mayo, some have wasabi.
Some have chili oil with garlic chunks.
Some have a mix of tuna, mayo, and green onion.
One is stuffed with salt.

You may begin.



Jul. 29th, 2012 04:08 pm
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To the individual who just consumed what he pulled from his nose,

Do not touch our books. Do not touch *anything*.

Everyone, ever.
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.....I know I've seen 'Audition' before, but I can't recall anything about it. At least, that's what I was thinking before the part where the girl 'fed' her mother. Oh, right, I remember that now. I can also see why my brain blocked it out. EW!!
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So I'm up really late last night playing Silent Hill 4 (which is good, but not superb), and as a result I'm a zombie for my morning shift in the library. The three hours rolled by as quickly as I was moving, but it wasn't busy so it didn't matter.

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I've seen a cat-girl. I swear I thought they were some reference to people who do that cos-play thing too much, but no, they are real. I'm in my Art History class (which is getting just a little wackier every time I go), and the girl that sits in front of me waddles in wearing cat ears.

First, let me say that I hardly ever want to use the term "girls". Women my age either get woman or gal as a title, as I think that applying the term "girl" to any female of any age to be demeaning.

Second, I reserve the right to use the term "girl" on an adult woman who is acting emotionally immature. Again, I don't take that lightly, but if a woman is being bitchy without reason or acting in a childish manner, they will be referred to as "girl". Yes, the same applies to men and the term "boys".

The girl in front of me is obviously either 21 or just about to turn that age, either way it's embarassing.

The ears that poke out of the top of her head are made from a barette with enlarged cat ears glued on the top. I had heard of this from the web comic Something Positive (Yeah, I don't do links. Go look it up, you lazy bastard), but here I am seeing one and I want to avoid talking to her at all costs. I'm happy she's into anime, but she should leave her furry tendencies at home and stop sketching anime characters during the lecture. Add to that the low top shirt she was wearing revealing bare shoulders covered with pimples, and one could nearly classify her as a biohazard.

Damn. Here I am eating pizza. There goes my appetite.

I was considering attending one meeting of the new anime clubs started on campus, but just on the off chance that it's mandatory to wear cat ears or see several folks wearing them, I think I'll skip it. I have no desire to become a cat-boy.


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