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"The Jedi and I went to the alien ethnic plateau for the Trandoshan meatery. Suddenly, the Jets made a sneak attack on the Sharks, complete with dance off, but Jedi used Force Telekinesis and took away all the guns and went all GI Jane to disperse the scene. I hid behind a bush because reasons. We then continued our search."

This? This is from Beemer's Star Wars campaign.
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After the KF classes, I swiftly headed home to finish up some minor cleaning details before the party. I won't bore you with that, but instead I will tell you that the party went splendidly!

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Google maps is (currently) also available in 8-bit!

*dying at the QA method for encountering bugs

Anyway, I went ahead and pulled up an overview of central Colorado and...

Man, our Google 8-bit map here in Colorado is just bleak. Impassible mountains, desert roads, forest, and you know the wandering monsters here are way tough.
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Baldur's Gate, Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur's Gate 2, Throne of Bhaal, Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale 2, Temple of Elemental Evil, and Planescape Torment, all for $10? Yes. Yes, I think I will buy that.


Oct. 30th, 2011 01:36 pm
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*I watched about 2 minutes of the anime 009-1. When the female spy revealed that she had uzi-boobs (small fully-automatic guns built into her tits), I turned it off and swore not to go back.

*When my arm gets tired from merely flossing, I know that I'm still sick and require more bed rest. Ugh. That means I miss any number of parties and soirees, such as [livejournal.com profile] zalena's pumpkin carving party this afternoon. I'm sorry! *bow*

*Very proud of [livejournal.com profile] dr_tectonic and his accomplishments at work.

*[livejournal.com profile] saintpookie is off to AZ for the weekend, and the cats are missing him terribly. So much so that they're constantly demanding reassuring cuddles from [livejournal.com profile] robbster_zombie and myself.

*The kung fu school has moved to a new location and the housewarming party is today, but I'll need to pass on it. Man, I am doing so many push-ups when I go back...

*One of the episodes of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends shows a bystander wearing a Gatchaman shirt. Geek references in geek shows FTW.
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I think that by now we're all just a bit sick of seeing our childhood icons remade. They've been corrupted and misused (e.g., Transformers), missing the point (X-Men 3 and Wolverine), or just obvious grabs for cash (all of the above). Thus, upon hearing about a Thundercats remake, I find myself hissing with displeasure.

There wasn't an 80s cartoon that resonated with me more than the Thundercats; an interesting team dynamic, a coming of age tale, a survival/exploration narrative, and more all wrapped up in an exciting action cartoon boasting great characters. Panthro, the mechanic/martial artist? Oh, hell yes. Cheetara, the telepathic/telekinetic/speedster? Completely awesome. Snarf, the doting mother/moral compass presented in a small, useless body with an annoying voice? Not so much.

Anyway, my point is that it was both unique *and* recognizable. The Robears were Ewok clones, the flight from an exploding planet was clearly Xeroxed from Superman, and all of the boys who watched the show identified with Lion-O as the 'boy who would be king.' (Except me, as I wanted to see more of Panthro. Shush, you.) It worked wonders, and I know I was a devoted fanboy.

Now there's a reboot coming our way on Cartoon Network, featuring a fully reworked story, anime style artwork, and a seemingly epic plot. You can see a promo clip over on IGN's site (link at the bottom of the page), which I can't post here as I can't get to work on LJ.

IGN has a good amount of info on their site going into details of the redesigned characters, and I'm liking what I'm seeing. First of all, Snarf won't talk. (You cannot imagine how much that already improves the series.) Second, Cheetara will be slated as one of the best fighters on the team, and while I'm afraid of her becoming a typical hotheaded speedster I'm also a fan of empowering her (and through her, females everywhere.) Third, the studio claims to have established a history and mythos behind the metamorphing mummy, Mumm-Ra. This oddball antagonist from the series generally cast some ineffective spells, had seriously questionable plots, and would turn from a withered mummy into a large, gargling warrior wearing a uncomfortably short skirt, and had very little history aside from being some great (though seemingly weak) form of evil. Hence, seeing a backstory as to what he/it actually is would be quite welcome as we've moved on from the need of a generic villain to someone with some complexity.

Sure, I'm being a geeky 30+ year old fanboy. That's what I do. You ought know this by now. Regardless, this seems to have some clever thought and design put into it, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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The 'Monsters, Ghosts, and the Making of Modern Japan' class I'm enrolled in has always had fantastic topics to discuss, and this week we're tackling the phenomena of Pokemon. I'm not going to go into lots of detail about the history of the game, but I would like to toss out a few ideas of how it fundamentally works, and how it might be improved.

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Having completed the game this evening, I wanted to put a few things down on paper.

First, I don't think I'm a fan of playing a game that's part of a trilogy. I'm not going to spoil anything, as the game case boldly states "The Beginning of The End," but I don't like having gone through a game to fill in some plot, only to await the next one knowing full well that I'll be powered down at the start of it. Blame it on Mega Man, but after I spend several hours getting kick ass abilities, I don't want to lose them at the start of the next game. The Legacy of Kain series did this as well, but there, the plot was far more important and integral to the whole series. Besides, at least in that game you got to keep the Soul Reaver. (Speaking of which, I really felt that the end of GoW2 borrowed heavily from LoK.)

I found that the length of the game was just about right. It lasted only 15+ hours, which is just about all I can really take of Kratos' manly screaming. The game was fairly well paced, bogging down in only a few areas due to some tougher puzzles, but overall it delivered the carnage on a regular basis.

Should one choose to continue to play after beating the game, the tasty unlockables serve to keep the dedicated players interested. Hidden throughout the game are various urns and other collectibles that give the player extra abilities in the second play through. The easiest one to find offers 2x red orb points, which should make any GoW fan drool, but other urns give even better abilities. (Infinite magic, anyone?) Add to this costumes that affect your stats, bonus challenges, and harder difficulties, and you've got some nice replay value.

My opinion hasn't changed much. It's good if you liked the first one, but you could avoid it all the same.
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Lo and behold, the Dragonlance animated movie. It is a sign of the end times. Oh sweet Cthulhu, please eat me now.

Yes, at first I was a fan of the series. Weis and Hickmans original trilogy was okay, and they had some fun characters. Then it quickly degenerated into a cash cow franchise that seemed incapable of killing off a stupid character. *cough*Tasslehoff*cough*

Now they've taken a step back, jumped on the let's-put-everything-into-movie-format bandwagon, and will attempt at consuming even more of our money. Sorry, Weis, but you burned me with your Firefly "RPG", so you won't see a penny of my money, you self-plagiarizing, money grubbing bitch.

Despite my eternal seething hatred, they have roped in some noticable voice talent for the characters, such as Lucy Lawless for Goldmoon and Keifer Sutherland as Raistlin. (Okay, I think that Sutherland could actually pull off Raistlin's voice.)
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New flash game. Your goal? Get out of the room. Simple, no?

I still don't know why it's called Sphere, though...
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So... Not the Spider-Man that we grew up with, but still... Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] redregon for finding this.

Spider-Man in Japan!

Dude, I totally want his funding.
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This will interest those in the gaming community.

Clover lives!
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I had some spare time, so I've been messing around with the details of the webcam. Mostly optional, always behind the cut.

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New elitist propoganda from Sony. SCEA spokesman says that the Wii doesn't belong in the same category as the PS3.

You just keep telling yourselves that, Sony.

Ok, let's go over this. It costs over twice as much, isn't worth it unless you have an HDTV, rather unsuccessful game line up, and we're supposed to want it. It's been said by a Sony rep that it isn't unreasonable for us consumers to work overtime to earn enough money to buy one. And now the Wii is an "impulse buy."

Hi, do you want to be an elitist consumer? Sure, we all do.
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As Lil' Lappy has the built in web-cam, I find that I'm sort of compelled to play with it and the low end digital software that's built in. Various little pics behind the cut.

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New Laptop

Jan. 25th, 2007 10:35 am
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The remaining grant money from this term was used to buy a new laptop. It's an XPS M1210, which was a little pricey, yet the education discount brought it down to a reasonable amount, and the guys cleared it budget-wise. It's even got a neat little integrated webcam, that can take shots like the one above. Sadly, this webcam seems to work only about half the time, so I'll need to talk to Dell about this. I'd hate to have to send it back when I just got it, though.

Anyway... Hi!
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What's that?

Push harder? Okay.

Pull? No problem.

Twist? Oh yeah.

Faster? Sure.

Oh, don't mind me. Just playin' with my Wii.
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Highlights for the day:

Attended a lecture on BDSM. The lecturer has been practicing for 20+ years, and brought in some of his tools for demonstrations.

Went with Kuma to free pre-screening of Pan's Labyrinth.

I'd love to talk about them, but look at the time! I'm off to bed.

tee hee!
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Now that the summer is over, I'm back on campus and knee deep in books. No complaints, though. I was getting irritated that I didn't have enough time for my Japanese while working at my super-secret job. Now I get to dedicate most of my time to my studies, while complaining about how I have no time to pursue my hobbies. I'm not sure I'm ever really satisfied with things.

I'm still keeping my job, though. They offered me 4 hours per day after school so I can help on the project I was in charge of before school started. I'm even allowed to keep my pay as a lead, which happens to be over twice what I'd find on campus. The drawback is the commute from Boulder to Aurora every day, but the pay is worth it.

This term promises to be... entertaining, if nothing else. I've got my staple Japanese classes (2nd year language and 4000 level religion) as well as some rather Gay classes. Here, this isn't used in the derivative. The classes are GLBT History and Queer Rhetoric. These are the only classes I've ever attended where the boys work to be prettier than the girls, the girls more butch than the boys, and the teachers are really Out. And again, I'm the creepy, angry, old man in the class (by comparison.) That's okay, as I've promised myself to piss off several of the kids in each class by getting them to question the nature of the "Gay Community." This promises to be a rather blog worthy term.

So I've got one them new-fangled Xbox 360s. Woo. It's rather neat, overall, but there are some design flaws that I'd have taken issue with if I were on the project. The noise of the machine, the super heating power brick, the cheap quality of the face plate... Rather questionable. Still, I get to play Oblivion and share notes with Greg on the development of our characters, so it's worth it.

Speaking of which, I'd promised a story about my time in Oblivion, didn't I? It's behind the cut. I'll sign off here, and I promise to keep in touch with everyone a bit more.

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So I'm up really late last night playing Silent Hill 4 (which is good, but not superb), and as a result I'm a zombie for my morning shift in the library. The three hours rolled by as quickly as I was moving, but it wasn't busy so it didn't matter.

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