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Fun morning at Starbux. Pulled into spot next to poorly parked car, accidentally tapped my door on his due to his parking too far to the right. Cranky driver starts spewing obscenities, blaming me for parking too close, I simply state that he's parked on the dividing line. Man's wife exits Starbux, listens, and starts to side with her husband. I ask, "Oh, I'm sorry. Do you have room to get in?." "...no.", she replies. She starts yelling at him to pull out, and they begin bickering.

Seriously, people, be accountable for your own choices and calm down. Also, maybe switch to decaf?
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If I'm watching an anime, I kind of expect the voice actors to pronounce "karaoke" correctly. I mean, really!


Oct. 22nd, 2012 09:24 pm
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Gah! I fried out one of the LEDs. Gotta find a replacement tomorrow before I can make any more progress on the gun. Boo to that.
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Chills, nausea, muscle aches/cramps, crawling skin, lack of appetite. Awww, yeah. Best early birthday present ever. *shudder*
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Wow, Dragon Age II is a mess. Over-used areas, backtracking galore, super depressing setting, emo characters, unnecessary changes to the UI, and a near useless equipment gimmick marks this as a game that was rushed. I do like the party members Anders and Merril, though.
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I finally watched Tron: Legacy the other day and I had issues with it. Not about the plot, the creepy face for Bridges, nor the other really obvious flaws of the film. No, my issue is the inherent flaw regarding Quorra's existence.

Spoilers below.

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Gym at midnight: gym jerks and the snotty girls who date them. Gym at 2 AM: relaxed folk who smile and say 'hi' even though they don't know you. I think it's worth staying up a bit later for that.
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*Insert well known rant against KP here regarding lack of speed, mishandled cases, etc., balanced against the cost effectiveness of the organization.

Whew, thanks for listening to that.

While I did post pics of my frames, my lenses are ones which take many a day to craft to due my being blind as a mole. (As I understand it, bats can see just fine.) Thus, while waiting, I also ordered contact lenses and received several free boxes of daily wears. The daily wear is ideal for my eyes as it reduces the chance of the allergen reaction underneath the eyelid by the contact lens (like I had happen while I was in Japan). This sounded all well and good.

However, these lenses aren't right at all. They don't seem to fit, my notably weaker of the two eyes lacks the near 20/20 that should come with wearing them, and focusing on anything is a bit of a chore. On the off chance that they switched prescriptions for each eye, I swapped the contacts and found no improvement in the situation. The boxes state that my right eye is stronger than my left, but I'm nearly positive that it's the opposite. Of course, I can't confirm this as none of the paperwork that I was given states exactly what my prescription is and there is no information about this anywhere on my record on KP's website.

Not only does this force me to return in person to correct this, but it casts serious doubt as to the quality of eyeglasses that I'll be getting. I'm happy the trials were free, but the glasses weren't, and I hoping they don't pull some replacement fee BS. Gr.


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