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So, let's see what I've neglected to post.

- Lower right back molar was cracked, infected, and pulled. Ultimately, not a big deal though I'm strangely feeling better.

- This week, we had close friends [livejournal.com profile] coloskind and [livejournal.com profile] lvlndlthr stay for a few days while [livejournal.com profile] lvlndlthr's daughter was married. They were locals but moved back east to help out their parents. Whilst here, we visited The Butterfly Pavilion and Dave & Busters and had great socialization. I do miss those guys.

- Our girl cat, Ioliel, has been ill. At first, she was having hairball related "urps" but when she was getting sick and no hairballs were present we started worrying. When she started being unable to make it to the litter box before peeing, we knew something was wrong. Our trip to the vet revealed that her kidneys weren't functioning as they should and her blood numbers were way off, so we took her off to the ER for a weekend stay. After hooking her up to an IV and giving her plenty of fluids and rest, we were told that we could pick her up tomorrow morning. Of course, us being doting parents, we swung by today to cheer Ioliel up. She was looking really good, very social and cuddly, and was praised by the staff as a highly cooperative cat. (That's my girl! You rock!) Reluctantly, we gave her back for one more night of care and they're going to check her numbers one more time to get updated values. (We're awaiting those results as of the time of this writing.) One final doctor visit tomorrow and she should be good to come home with a treatment plan.

- Working out at a gym with an Arms/Legs/Cardio rotation play this past month and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I'm nowhere near where I was during my peak training, but that's okay. No need to kill myself for my job anymore. Whee~~!

You can find pics of recent events over on Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/kansaimonkey/
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So, due to a TINY little snafu, I wound up having to go 24 or so hours without some meds. This left me a bit unstable for a bit there, but I'm okay now that I'm back on them. Sorry for the scare, everyone, and super special grateful shout out to my B-kun for taking care of me. (He frets a bit, but there's no one I'd rather have at my side.)


Since last week was a total bust due to both a dentist visit and the meds issue, I've redoubled my efforts to get into a regular workout routine at the gym. I've got a decent arms & torso, legs & abs, and cardio cycle going on, and today was leg day. I only meant to go for an hour, but it turned into 1.5 hours before I even knew it. Yay!


Just finished the horror film, The Babadook. To put it in a quip -

The Babadook - Creeping supernatural horror film that's all too human at heart. Can be tough to watch, but worth a viewing. 4 out of 5 stars.
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Now that my evenings are free again, I get to focus on my dinner skills.

Here we've got chicken donburi served with Alaskan Cod miso soup, edamame, and seaweed salad. Overall, the meal was great, though the soup was a bit more one-dimensional than I'd anticipated.

WD 100614

Dinner aside, I had a great day. I've returned to my daily morning gym workout routine (now without having to make sure I don't tire myself out before classes), which felt pretty good. My own time, my own pace, my own focus. Afterwards, I returned home to assemble an elliptical bike we acquired from friends and spent some time playing Dark Souls II. Hooray for free time!
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Gym at midnight: gym jerks and the snotty girls who date them. Gym at 2 AM: relaxed folk who smile and say 'hi' even though they don't know you. I think it's worth staying up a bit later for that.
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I had overworked a few muscles last week at the gym, but I recovered enough tonight to go back. The overnight shift does have the advantage of almost ensuring that the place is almost empty.

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Gym membership: renewed! Hooray for income!
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Things proceed smoothly on this end of the earth. My classes are fun, I'm busy, and lots of events are brewing which I may get involved in.

First, the gym thing. This is another situation where the subtle culture shocks really hit you. Normally, I handle them pretty well, though, and I seem to be doing that now. The application process wasn't so difficult, though I will readily admit that I did ask for help anyway, and they gladly accepted me. My experiences with the gym near home served me pretty well cross-culturally; wipe stuff down when you're done with it, ask if it's okay to use something, get help if you don't understand, and don't be a nuisance. Common sense.

What you may not know is that they expect you to keep a record of your activities and log your BP, heart rate, and weight each time. You're not allowed to wear your everyday shoes in here; you *must* have a spare set of trainers which will be worn only during your workout. (It's that whole indoor/outdoor thing they have here.) Also, you'll notice that they're not that big on free weights. Yes, they do have them, and it's a nice variety, but you won't find a wall full of them here. Instead, the machines are preferred, and they're pneumatic. The pressure can be adjusted higher or lower on the fly, so you always have option immediately scale back without much down time.

The people are very happy to talk to me, as I'm currently playing the role of the Curious New Member (+1 column shift for being a gaijin), so I've heard several things ranging from how I'm doing really well to an older man whose brother died in the 9/11 attack. These are the conversations which put your linguistic skill to the test, and it makes the gym time much more interesting.

Oh, here's something of note: I may get to participate in an interview for a Japanese national news program. They're looking for foreigners/students to interview, but I don't know the topic. This is all very much up in the air, but it seems like this could an interesting experience. I'll let you know more when I get more info.


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