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Vet says Ioliel's kidneys are 25 - 50% operational (better than we initially thought). Still an issue with some blood values, she's on a new diet, some meds, and has some years left to her. She was so happy that she peed on my hat, jacket, and pants. Yay?
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Guess what time it is... That's right! It's time for a 9 AM tooth pull! Yaaaaay!!


Ah, I'm mistaken. It's merely planar scaling and cleaning. The pull happens next time.


Half of my face is numb. Even my eye. Wow.


No, Nico! I need straws to drink right now! Don't steal them! NO! BAD KITTY!!
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On a whim, I purchased a box of Japanese do-it-yourself confectionery treats called Popin' Cookin' for Beemer and myself to enjoy for an evening's entertainment and dessert.

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Beemer, stepping out of the shower: SURE!
Me: ...what?
Beemer: Sure!
Me, looking confused: Sure...what?
Beemer: What?
Me: WHAT??
Beemer: Sure, I'll join you with your workout at the studio. That's what we were talking about before I stepped into the shower, right?
Me: I don't know! Yes? Maybe?

*this is a typical day in our house.

How? How??

Feb. 15th, 2013 10:19 pm
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A while back, [livejournal.com profile] dr_tectonic assembled a Kitty Fort out of cardboard boxes. They love it and often play around there.

Today, I found that they had stolen an entire roll of toilet paper and stashed it in their fort, where it is being discreetly shredded.

How?? How did you two manage to steal an entire roll, lift it up high enough to put it in your fort, and manage to keep the shredding hidden from view??


Feb. 14th, 2013 06:46 pm
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Beemer: Happy V-Day, monkey!
Me: Yay. I got you a fridge.
Beemer: Yay! Thank you!
Me: Now I'm going to shove you in there...
Beemer: What.

Happy V-Day everyone!
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Beemer: Hey, can I have some of your gelato tomorrow?
Me: I thought you hated coffee.
Beemer: What?? No, I love coffee ice cream!
Me: Since when??
Beemer: I've always loved coffee ice cream!
Me: *glares* I'm getting a strong Alias vibe... Are you a spy? Did you kill Beemer?
Beemer: What? No!!
Beemer: No! Calm down! I just don't like caffeine late at night.
Me: *glare*

...or not.

Nov. 2nd, 2012 02:33 pm
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I suppose I should be productive today. Let's fix the-
Okay, well how abou-
There's always the-
Fine. I'll just bake these-
owowow. Screw this, today wins. I need a drink-
...well played, today. Well played. *cries*

Sigh. How about I write up a-
Gods, not now, kids. I guess I'll just go practice my forms-
Oh FFS, this is getting ridiculous. I'll just piss away the day playing a game-
I quit.


Oct. 22nd, 2012 09:24 pm
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Gah! I fried out one of the LEDs. Gotta find a replacement tomorrow before I can make any more progress on the gun. Boo to that.


Sep. 24th, 2012 08:22 pm
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I am the very saint of the Indomitable Spirit.

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Jul. 15th, 2012 02:45 pm
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It's been a short time since my last proper post and I felt that I should do at least a status update.

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First of all, Happy Mother's Day to you Moms of any and all varieties for being patient and awesome. You rock!

In the spirit of the holiday, Beemer and I took several photos of ourselves. Since my Mom loves hearing about how varied our lives are and some of the crazy misadventures we have, we chose to do a multi-costume photo shoot and send the images off to her. These shots are behind the cut.

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Laundry: Done.

Water Heater: Repaired.

Gas Grill: Partially Cleaned.
- add'l : Wasn't aware that the "shoot jets of flames through the control console at the user" feature was installed. Very alarming. Workaround discovered, in use. (Grateful for KF reflexes)

Birthday Presents: Still Safe. Threat of resident monkeys encountering/opening gifts estimated at 14%.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] lj_bot at Karaoke Time
[Error: unknown template qotd]

Oh, dear.

See, there's a song that is explicitly forbidden in our home. I'm not allowed to sing it, play it, mention it, etc., because it's just soooo bad. Really, it's a terrible song. That, however, isn't what established this unique musical embargo; no, it's that Beemer *hates* this song. With a passion.

What song, you ask? Why, this one!

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Despite the dark undertones, it's a fun, cute title that takes a fair number of design notes from The Legend of Zelda. The Majin is much like having Labyrinth's Ludo as a teammate; tons of power but kind of stupid, thus making him an instant hit with kids of all ages. It also seems to be a shorter game, as I'm just less than halfway done with it with over 6 hours played.


The guest bathroom has been repainted. The previous owners left a yellowish white latex paint poorly coating the walls, leaving it both uneven and chipping. The new color is an off-white and covered the Silent Hill-like walls quite nicely. A few touch ups are needed and I'm aiming to reapply caulk along the tub, but it'll do for now. While I've got the paint I'm moving on to hitting at least one other bathroom. Honestly, I'm enjoying the home repair projects far more than I should.


Warriors Orochi 3 was released this week, flying in under most game site's radar. I'll be picking it up today or tomorrow. That's about the time that my new laptop should be arriving, which makes me quite happy. This model, though it got me through both school and Japan, is dying. Sigh. RIP, little one. You did well.


There's a rather small testing session this Saturday at the studio. I think maybe one or two adults are testing and a handful of kids. Shouldn't be that long, but I might be proctoring for the KF test so my attendance is mandatory. (No complaints here.) Later that evening, Beemer is running his Star Wars game which I'm participating in. I'm playing a pilot/smuggler (more Mal than Han) with an enormous rebellious streak against inflexible authoritarian organizations, leaving him with a strong distaste for the Empire (and any talk of fate). Also, I get a security hacking hover droid. <3!
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*doorbell rings, I open door.

*Girl scout stands before me. She wears a homemade lion cap with buttons for eyes.

"Hi... Um. Would you like to buy... um..." She sheepishly looks to her mom for her forgotten line. "...buy some Girl Scout cookies?", her mom chuckles.

*Girl greets you (rolls dice)... favorably.

*I roll resistance to Cute. Penalties incurred for cute hat and adorable nervousness, further modified by gender inclusiveness by GS organization. I (rolls dice)... fail miserably.

"Beemer! Beemer! Can I?? Please??" I squeal. "Sure," he too easily agrees. He failed his roll, too. "Get two."

We're such suckers.


Dec. 21st, 2011 02:56 pm
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I lean over to kiss the small of Beemer's back, when suddenly I remembered something.

"Wait... did I *hit* you last night while we were sleeping??"

"Now that you mention it, YES, you did!", he says, his residual annoyance present. "You woke me up by pushing really hard into my side!"

"Why...?", but the memory of the dream snaps to my mind.

I don't recall exactly how it began, but I was confronted by some twisted beast that featured the joint movement of a spider but happened to be the size and approximate shape of a large monkey. It clung to some surface over my head and despite my best efforts to scare it off, it remained to threaten me with its long arms/legs. Out of desperation, I quickly lash out with an eagle claw attack hoping to do some damage to the soft tissues on the face, hopefully the eyes.

The attack broke through my sleep paralysis, causing my hand to strike out and hit Beemer's right side. Fortunately, it was more of a shove since my fingers didn't respond to the impulse (not to mention lack of power), sparing my poor hubby from more damage and myself from more residual annoyance.

Right... now I remember why we sleep back-to-back. Sorry, B-kun!
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NOOOOOOO~~!  by Kansai Monkey
NOOOOOOO~~! , a photo by Kansai Monkey on Flickr.

The pedal for my Rock Band drums broke.

Hello Xmas

Dec. 14th, 2011 11:13 am
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Life at home finally begins to stabilize as reparations continue. Soon I'll be taking pics of how the house looks after my fanatic assault to reclaim it, and I think we've made a good amount of progress.

I've been quiet, yes, but don't think that I'm not stalking each an every one of you to see what's up in your worlds.
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Stairway banisters: Cleaned! Custom blinds: Installed! Laundry: Done! X-mas tree: Up! Repair caulk: Applied! Power level: Above Nine THOUSAAAAAAAND!!


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