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"You must be shopping for someone else, right? Birthday gift?", the saleswoman says to me. Actually, I should say 'holler' as she was on the other side of the store when she said it.

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"Uncle Jerry! We're getting a kitty!!"

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July 20-
Man on phone with Indian accent: Hello, okay? Yes, I am with Windows, okay? Yes, and I am calling to tell you that you have downloaded bad files, okay? When you use the Internet or play games or use Facebook, you downloaded files which corrupts your hardware and software, okay? Now, I will walk you through your computer and tell you which files to manually delete, okay?

Me: Yeah, I'm gonna hang up on you now.


*phone rings, man with deep Indian accent asks for Beemer. I recognize his voice as the man from "Windows" who called me last week.

Me: Who is asking?
Him: Yes, I'm with E-Life, okay? Is this (says our phone number)?
Me: Gee, I dunno. Is it? You called me.
Him: Is this (repeats phone number)? Yes or no? Are you listening?
Me, irate: Oh, I'm SO listening.
Him: Yes, we're calling about your computer. When you get online, you may download viruses-
Me: Oh, YOU. Yeah, you called just last week, telling me you're from Windows and that I need to delete files from my PC.
Him: No, sir! Windows does not call people directly! We're calling to fix your computer, okay!
Me: And to do so, I need to delete the very same files you told me last week, right?
Him: Well, okay, but-
Me: Oh, hell no. Hey, take my number off your list and don't call me again, OKAY?

He starts to argue and I hang up on him. Man, that's really getting on my last nerve.
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I've been gaming for a vast majority of my life and I need to comment on what was announced today. Xbox revealed their next console, Xbox One.

*it must be online at least once every 24 hours
*games must be fully installed to the HDD, used games must be purchased at full price (no loaning titles to friends, eliminates rentals and services like Gamefly)
*500 GB HDD is not removable, external memory can be added via one of 3 USB slots
*console requires its own proprietary cable box
*Kinect is sold with system, is always on (always watching, listening!), must be used for navigation
*not compatible with Xbox 360 games, XBLA purchased titles
*almost certainly still required additional monthly fee for online use
*looks terrible, more angular and boxy than the NES
*expected to be released at the end of this year, yet no price point announced

You know what? I'm skipping the upcoming gaming generation entirely.
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How not to befriend a librarian:

"Yeah, I tried using your stupid number to renew my book and it didn't work and now I've got fines or something."

Yeah... I'm not going to be nice to you, pumpkin.


Jun. 21st, 2012 09:22 pm
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Finally started playing Mass Effect 3. While I'm enjoying the game, there are a few issues that really get under my skin.

-Edie's Decoy ability is often deployed directly in front of my character, causing me to take all the bullets she's hoping to avoid while also blocking my line of sight. As I tend to play a sniper, this is highly problematic.
-The on-board reporter looks like Snookie. I hated her before she even began to talk to me.
-Sidequests are picked up by eavesdropping in on conversations from people you don't know. That is several shades of f*cking creepy stalker action.
-Several plot-line quests encounter a bug which prevents the mission from ending, despite killing off all assailants. This forces me to reload my game and complete the mission again to progress.

Where the f*ck was QA for this title??
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Chills, nausea, muscle aches/cramps, crawling skin, lack of appetite. Awww, yeah. Best early birthday present ever. *shudder*
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I have several GBA games in my hoard, but you'll notice that I've not included a one of them as of yet. There are two reasons for this:

First, the GBA hardware was not backlit, causing some difficulty in seeing the screen without some sort of lighting addition until the GBA SP was released. Thus, if I were to try to take any pics of those games, they'd turn out like this-

Second, I can't seem to find the DS which can play GBA games. Since the DS is backlit, I could use it to play the GBA games as it also features some backwards compatibility (this feature is absent from my DSi.) It's missing, along with several of my DS games, which means they're all stashed in some box somewhere. Sigh. *This* is why I catalogue and oversee the transport of games in this house; I foam at the mouth when stuff goes missing. (No, I certainly don't blame anyone who helped us move.)

Anyway, just thought I'd share that.
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A well read man submits himself to the rigorous examination of The Committee, a shadowy group who has strong influence economically and politically within Arabic culture. They've got everything on his background, ranging from his professional history to his inability to perform in bed with women on a few occasions. After dancing naked, being given a spontaneous rectum exam, and giving a 10 minute long speech on how Coca-Cola had an enormous impact on society, he's ordered to prepare a report on 'the leading luminary of Arabic culture.'

This leads him to study a man known only as The Doctor, but it seems that all info about this man is erased or missing! After a lengthy and too convenient lead, it is revealed that The Doctor has built a financial empire from scratch, is highly involved with overseas finance, local business, and has several prominent children from many wives, giving him a lasting legacy.

Suddenly, The Committee appears at his door! "No, you must stop researching him," they say, and leave one of their members to observe the protagonist in all aspects of life. He must sleep in the same bed, eat the same food, and even watch him defecate and urinate. Oh, and the Committee man hides a revolver in his thighs.

We are immediately placed inside of The Committee room, where the Committee man has been killed by the main character. They condemn him to the worst possible punishment: CONSUMPTION. He has no idea what this means, but the janitor tells him it means "you will eat yourself." This makes less sense now, but soon enough he's roughed up by an unbeatable Arabic man who was making unwanted sexual advances on a woman. After visiting a doctor, his dislocated shoulder is repaired, but still sore. The next day, he returns to the doctor, only to find that he must pay a dollar for a follow up visit. This outrages him, as this should be completely free and this form of exploitive capitalism is horrible. Naturally, he's thrown out.

After returning home, he goes over his notes, records some messages, has some tea and a cigarette, and begins to consume his own body starting with his injured arm.

End of story.

But! Was any of it *real*?

And that's the book I just read in a nutshell. I don't think I've loathed a book this much since... gods, ever, and I've become utterly contemptuous for the instructor.

His comment, "was any of it real," struck a nerve with me. Aside from the very last sentence, you're supposed to assume that this is all really happening, and, odd events aside, there is no actual point where you have any evidence to doubt that it isn't. I brought this up, and he looks at me, incredulously, as says "I thought you finished the book. Didn't you read the last sentence?"

See, when you compare a work like this to Kafka, you need to remember that Kafka made it clear early on that Metamorphosis was not real. Here, you don't get that notification until the END, which not only is dirty pool, but also rather undermining to the author's lengthy diatribes against capitalism, globalism, and the like. If he wants to say "Capitalism sucks, yo," don't also say "by the way, none of this is real" as he (the author) expects me to pay attention to details, but then disregard everything but what he thinks is important. This is detestable writing at its worst, which isn't AT ALL like Kafka.

Oh, and there are several references to the protagonist as a gay man (inability to function with women, the prostate exam (where The Committee members 'find what they're looking for') and being called a 'fag' by people on the bus. Yet, my claim that the author is homophobic is dismissed as the 'real issue' here is the loss of masculinity. I say that's bullshit, and I feel that he's covering for the text by reframing the issue.

I do believe that I shall be writing my first ever completely hostile faculty review within the month, and I shall enjoy it.


This! This is what I need!!

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I had such a bad day at school that I punched a light post while leaving campus, leaving me with bruised knuckles and a right hand that doesn't really want to move at the moment. I *hate* the students and staff so much right now, I might just look at another university to graduate from.

This song is helping.

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As many of you know, I've been in an Arabic Lit class this term which covers an array of topics such as cultural identity, struggles against 'modernization,' and class struggle. Normally I could handle these issues in an effective manner, but the readings we're doing are driving me utterly bat-shit insane with the treatment of women.

Yes, I know that the culture handles the role of women in such a vastly different method, and I'm trying not to be ethnocentric. Really, I am. But the readings...

The Story of Zahra - A girl is molested by her uncle, is repeatedly used sexually by a married man and is forced to have 2 abortions from this scenario, and is abused by her husband after he is unable to make her bleed while penetrating her on their wedding night. She goes insane, but so far it's looking like she'll blame herself for it all in the end.

Miramar - In a sort of Rashomon style delivery, a narrative from the perspectives of 5 men is given surrounding incidents at the hotel Miramar. The females in the book do not have chapters, and are insulted for trying to rise above their class (not to mention the attempted rapes.)

Seasons of Migration to the North - A man prides himself on his sexual conquests and abuse of Western women, but finally kills himself because one woman finally got under his skin.

Cities of Salt - The tale of a people utterly changed due to the influence of Western development and oil drilling, showing almost all American women as sexual objects.

No, the professor doesn't hate women, but these texts clearly do. I'm in the class for the credit, and I really, really don't want an A because I simply cannot relate or accept the concepts. The Arabic studies students in the class say the readings are rough, but they seem fine with it, so it's not like there's anything wrong with the core materials. I simply cannot stand reading it, I hate writing about it, and I'm so, so at war with myself for not releasing my inner avatar and going all Women's Rights and whatnot. I know doing so would be Quite Out Of Place, but I feel like being passive about these representations is borderline (if not outright) complicit.

There's a paper due on Tuesday. I should be writing it. I'm putting it off because I know my paper will be dripping with venom and animosity, which wouldn't be totally fair. I'll come up with an answer, but not tonight.

Tonight, Robb and I are trying out Rockband 3.
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Today seems to be treating me as a Monday normally would, but as I happened to seize yesterday by the collar and force it to submit to my will, Tuesday, the older brother of Monday, has come to pay me back in full.

Workout? Denied. Meet with finanical advisor? Impossibly long line. Very loud/rude students? Abundant. 5 minute bus ride turns into 20 minute? Naturally. Patience? Non-existant. Screaming children nearby? Sure, why not add them too. Finding out that it's not really my final term at CU? Sociopathic tendencies are setting in.

I have one point of solace today and that will be playing Metroid: Other M on my Wii after school. I just need to sit through one class where we'll be discussing a reading which was probably the most pretentious drivel I've read in a while. There may also be drinking involved. Probably.
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It seems that after coming home in a drunken stupor from a fun night with [livejournal.com profile] musikub, I prepared my contact cleansing solution improperly; too much solution in the vial means that it takes longer to nutralize from the metal, which in turn means that I nearly scream in pain as I unknownlingly put what is essentially an active hydrogen peroxide covered contact lens into my eye.

Here I sit, eye, reddened and sore, annoying me into a cranky mood. Thus, I write about games I've played over the past few months in a series of cantankerous micro-criticisms which totally reflect my current state of being! I are angry troll! Rar!

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Jun. 29th, 2010 02:54 pm
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Dear Today,

Please die in a fire. Thanks.

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During the final firing after the glaze was applied, the support piece at the bottom collapsed. Apparently the weight of the glaze was just too much for the hardened clay, and it chose to buckle.

This is the second and last of my large pieces that I made during my stay here. I had considered the idea of giving either Bunbo Bridge or this centerpiece to H and his family to show how much I appreciated their support, but now I have nothing. There are no words for how bitter I am at this.
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Oh, hooray. Two more 'adventures' in FaceBook land.

1. My coke-addled brother has stumbled upon FaceBook. Right. Time to cut my losses there by carving off all family contacts and maximizing security. I'm amazed he even figured out how to sign up for FB, much less turn on his PC. He's spent his whole life trying to turn me into something he approves of, and I'm not about to let him stalk me online.

2. I get a message from a distant family member saying that she's giving me 'one more chance' to get in touch with her, and that despite it all, "...the one thing you can hang your hat on is family." Hate to break it to you, girl, but if it wasn't for family, we wouldn't be so horribly scarred like we are now. Seriously, what guarantee do I have that you're any better than the people I'm protecting my family from?

So... We had some laughs, FB, but love is over. I'll figure out what to do with you soon.
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This morning was the funeral. I hadn't heard from The Boy, so I had assumed that he didn't want to go to it. I'm disappointed, but he's an adult, and it's his choice.

After getting dressed and securing some coffee, I drove down to the church where the viewing was being held.

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The religious nutbags are back, this time in the guise of anti-abortionists that camp outside of the cafeteria showing off the latest in grotesque images to show the horrors of abortion.

Lots of conflict behind the cut.

Oh, and a "bake sale" at the end.

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Me. Pissed.
Story. Behind cut.
It's okay. You can skip it.

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Perhaps this isn't clear to everyone. I shall explain.

When a building is constructed, it is designed to be a certain size, with a predetermined amount of rooms and exist within a finite amount of space. Unless you add to the building, this should be accepted as true and nothing will change these parameters.

Apparently, my college has a nursing program that teaches its students that this can be changed. (Rose, you know you're exempt from this.) When a group of about 40 nursing students need to study at exactly the same time, in exactly the same place, it seems to be normal to doubt the availability and capacities of the study rooms in the library.

They asked for the largest room we had. For a group that big, I don't have anything. We had a large room for about 15, but it was reserved by another organization. Aside from that, the largest was a 10 person room. This clearly wouldn't do at all. So it seems that they are taught that if different people ask me if we have a larger room, I might change my mind or find a room I overlooked.

I have l33t library skills, but it should be noted that I cannot pull the Colosseum out of my ass and attach it to the building. You may be hard pressed to find someone who can. When I say "no", that means you are out of luck, and no amount of denial or double checking will produce the results you want. This concept seemed lost to them.

"Really? Are you sure? Are there any in the back?" Even the instructor was powerless to alter reality.

I tell them to go downstairs and ask if there is any area big enough for them. It seems that they had a conference hall tucked away down there that "will do".

Even as I type this, more file in asking where the others are.

So I'm left wondering: If I stab a nursing student in the presense of other nursing students, will they crowd around, eager to practice thier newly learned skills? Or will they sit and watch as the instructor uses this opportunity to describe what I've punctured and what the fate of their fallen comrade will be?


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