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It's fairly clear to you all that I've been going through some serious upheavals over the past few months, but the exact details haven't yet be divulged. Let me correct that now.

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I'm taking the month off from my contract at the library to focus on getting the black belt, and given that workouts and running routines are keeping me fit, I should be ready barring unforeseen circumstances. That said, today's classes focused on the tempo of the sword form to improve the slow/moderate/blast speeds at appropriate points. Previously my efforts were okay, but today's session solidified it into an elegant, dynamic form that somehow remained hidden from me.

To help with the training at home, I've cleared out the downstairs even more than it was to give me LOTS of room to do forms. It's a bit inconvenient to do weapons forms right now as there happens to be a lot of junk in the way, but B-kun promises to help analyze/dispose of most of it tomorrow.

Sorry, I'm a bit distracted. Our lil' girl cat, Ioliel, is lightly snoring next to me with an almost gentle *sigh* on each exhale. It'd be downright adorable if she wasn't such a hellion today, but it's still cute.

B-kun and I went to see Wreck It Ralph with [livejournal.com profile] heypyro and a host of other local guys last night. Fun movie, well paced, a bit too saccharine at times, good comedic timing, and plenty of cameos to keep any gamer's eyes actively looking at all the background characters. 3D added some nice layers to the race scene, but it's not a requirement for viewing.

I've been plodding through Darksiders II for the Xbox 360 with mixed reactions. Using the formulaic progression found in the Zelda titles, the rich settings and spooky background like the Legacy of Kain series, and the loot-collecting properties of MMO's like Warcraft, I can see how the dev team at Vigil took the best aspects of many games to create a reasonably fun title. Sure, it's a visual treat and a heroic tale, but the core mechanics aren't different enough to make the elements distinct from the inspiring games. At one point I acquire the Deathclaw ability. It's all glowy purple and ominous and whatnot, but it's little more than the Hookshot with a fresh coat of paint. Not to say that Vigil didn't try, but I think there could have a bit more innovation here.

Let me add that some of the missions/plot points are annoyingly tedious and feel like busy work; King X wants me to acquire his 3 Y's before he can get me to plot point Z. However, Y2 wants me to find his 3 lost A's before he'll come with me, all of which are IN HIS OWN MAZE. You'd think he'd know where they are, or at least have an easier time finding them than I would, but, no, like all protagonists, I must do everything for everyone despite being the Death, one of The Horsemen of The Apocalypse. Seriously? Fetch quests? Yawn. Gripes aside, it's a fun treat with plenty of customization available, tons of optional side quests, and some impressive stages to admire.
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Patron: "Yeah, I need a library card."
Staff: "Okay, just fill out this short application-"
Patron: "Psh, I don't have time for that. I'm double parked." (patron leaves)
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If you decide to steal the DVDs for the movies Gothika, The Uninvited, and Step Up 3, you're doing two things.

1. You're sort of doing us a favor by removing them from our collection.
2. You're showing everyone that you have terrible taste in movies.
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Where to start?

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This was my day...

(More KF stuff, more library patron asshattery)

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Jul. 29th, 2012 04:08 pm
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To the individual who just consumed what he pulled from his nose,

Do not touch our books. Do not touch *anything*.

Everyone, ever.


Jul. 25th, 2012 01:23 pm
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If you steal a book on ethics from a library, you clearly need it more than we do!
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While getting to know some of the staff here at the circ desk, they've been asking me about my training and how it's going. I mention that I'm on target for cardio, strength, and weight loss, as shown by the 20 lbs I've lost since March. They take a second to let that sink in, visualizing what I used to look like. "Hey," I said, "I've worked really hard all year for this!"

Somewhere from within the library, a number of children began cheering and applauding. I seize the opportunity to strike a victorious pose. "See? I even have children cheering me on!" The co-workers stare while listening to the children, audibly muttering "What the hell??", wondering if this was somehow planned or just a random event. I don't know what happened either, but it was too good to pass up.
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How not to befriend a librarian:

"Yeah, I tried using your stupid number to renew my book and it didn't work and now I've got fines or something."

Yeah... I'm not going to be nice to you, pumpkin.


Jul. 15th, 2012 02:45 pm
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It's been a short time since my last proper post and I felt that I should do at least a status update.

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Well, not just yet. Let me explain.

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Nov. 4th, 2011 05:32 pm
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LEGO Universe, the MMO I worked on for LEGO as a temp, will shut down on January of next year.


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I think I need to start an album of me next to very large objects.

Job Fair

Jun. 9th, 2011 05:32 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] dr_tectonic forwarded some info regarding a large job fair at Invesco Stadium, so I headed down there to see what this section of the Denver job market felt like. Close to 100 companies were slated to represent, and while it was clear that I had no intention of listening to Wal-Mart, Safeway, K-Mart, and other retailers, I did have the task of presenting myself as a reasonably educated Japanese/Asian Studies major with a QA background. Yeah, that was tough, but it did make for some great stories.

Anyway, not all of the companies showed up though you couldn't tell from how busy the large room became in just two hours. I had a small stack of resumes with me as I figured that most people would rather I submit it online, but was prepared for those who wanted to get to know me on the spot. It worked out both ways, as I have a ton of leads to follow and I nearly ran out of resumes to offer. While my Japanese skills were a hard sell, I had several companies openly blurt out "QA?! Oh, God! Thank you!!" It seems that the Colorado market is supersaturated with developers, IT professionals, and upper-management wannabes, but few QA folks to test the hardware and software. I even got to joke with some of the dev members about how their code is perfect and offers 'unanticipated features,' at least until guys like me show up.

I don't think I'll be unemployed for long, but it's not quite a career I desire, either. We'll see. [livejournal.com profile] grymmbear's exploits on his blog have taught me to keep keenly aware of possible marketing pyramid schemes and other hoaxes. I'm pretty sure there was one there, as they were insistent about getting me to attend a seminar of the growth of some new company despite my apparent disinterest in that market. I'll do some background research on them later.

Mostly, I was wading through people who tried far, far too hard to impress via a suit and buzzwords, trying to eye those companies that had promise. No, I wasn't wearing a suit, per se. While I was in Washington, [livejournal.com profile] tdjohnson gave me his father's sport jacket which, when combined with good jeans, a dark shirt, dark leather shoes, and a leather satchel, looked reasonably professional.

No, I wasn't going to win a Best Dressed award, but I wasn't in there in a polo and khakis, either. Anyway, as I round a corner, some thin guy in a suit passing the other way obviously latches on to my attire with his critical eyes. I could almost hear his mental insults, but when I detected the start of a sneer, I went all "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!"

I subtly shoulder checked him. I have about 40lbs on this guy, he's busy judging me, he's off balance, and I know martial arts. I barely felt him as my right shoulder collides and passes through the area where his left once was, and I just hear him lose his footing. I didn't look back and kept walking. Immediate karma, you fucktard. I can only imagine how many people have been wanting to do that to him. (Luckily, this was in an area where there were very few representatives, so no one noticed.)

So overall, this was quite a successful job fair. Not only did I get a number of leads for myself, I also acquired leads for Greg and Robb, too! Yar! Sadly, no swag. I tried to adopt one of the CU Boulder plush buffaloes, but the gals at the table wouldn't let me (which I came to read as "No, they're *ours*). :(
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Ah, there we are. I've quit my job entirely (as opposed to working part time), so I'm back to having a bit of free time. They hated to see me go, but I insisted that school was far more important than having a Super Secret Job That I Can't Talk About. My team went out and bought a cake from the Cold Stone Creamery for a going away present, and we talked as we polished it off. Yum.

My classes went through a minor revision due to a conflict with said job and the Japanese Religions teacher. He was insistant that no person should leave the class early as this is a social contract, blah, blather, etc. I walked out of his class at that point and changed my schedule when I got home. So, instead of taking an upper division class for my major (not that I'm bitter), I've replaced it with a 2200 level course of Intro to LGBT studies. That makes the final schedule consist of LGBT History, Japanese, LGBT Studies, and LGBT Rhetoric (also called Queer Rhetoric.)

Yes, my term is very gay.

However, I do get to challenge my preconceptions about the Queer culture. Already (and rather startlingly, I might add) I've come to realize that a part of my view of the culture stems from not being fully immersed in it as others, hence a tendency only to view the factionalized, negative aspects that are being used as the stereotypes that label us. Or something. I'm still working on it, but I'm getting a new insight to the community and the importance of the issues we're discussing. Since Greg says I'm "the least gay man he knows," I think I have some learnin' to do.
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Now that the summer is over, I'm back on campus and knee deep in books. No complaints, though. I was getting irritated that I didn't have enough time for my Japanese while working at my super-secret job. Now I get to dedicate most of my time to my studies, while complaining about how I have no time to pursue my hobbies. I'm not sure I'm ever really satisfied with things.

I'm still keeping my job, though. They offered me 4 hours per day after school so I can help on the project I was in charge of before school started. I'm even allowed to keep my pay as a lead, which happens to be over twice what I'd find on campus. The drawback is the commute from Boulder to Aurora every day, but the pay is worth it.

This term promises to be... entertaining, if nothing else. I've got my staple Japanese classes (2nd year language and 4000 level religion) as well as some rather Gay classes. Here, this isn't used in the derivative. The classes are GLBT History and Queer Rhetoric. These are the only classes I've ever attended where the boys work to be prettier than the girls, the girls more butch than the boys, and the teachers are really Out. And again, I'm the creepy, angry, old man in the class (by comparison.) That's okay, as I've promised myself to piss off several of the kids in each class by getting them to question the nature of the "Gay Community." This promises to be a rather blog worthy term.

So I've got one them new-fangled Xbox 360s. Woo. It's rather neat, overall, but there are some design flaws that I'd have taken issue with if I were on the project. The noise of the machine, the super heating power brick, the cheap quality of the face plate... Rather questionable. Still, I get to play Oblivion and share notes with Greg on the development of our characters, so it's worth it.

Speaking of which, I'd promised a story about my time in Oblivion, didn't I? It's behind the cut. I'll sign off here, and I promise to keep in touch with everyone a bit more.

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Okay, so I guess my Lit midterm is next week. Dammit.

We get to start a survey of poetry now. Yes, poetry: a flowery way to piss off a reader with misleading alliterations, vague allusions, and whiny emotions.

Stab me. Please.

I can't stand the stuff. It's either suicidally depressing or terminally optimistic with bunnies and other fluffy uncooked food stuffs (ie, animals). Gah!

Haiku is cool. It's a style and flavor thing. It gets respect.


On a lighter note, if you love to MST3K your movies, then "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra" is for you. Karen, Thomas, Chris, Rose, Beems and I got together to watch it. God, it's so bad it's hysterical. And it actually wants to be that bad just for that response. Good actors acting as bad actors acting in a movie. It's just beautiful.


So I work at the library that's connected to the college. I'm on the circulation desk, which pretty much means that I check in and out books, greet people, shelve and dust, and be overall somewhat helpful. I think it's natural to be in a job like this and want to slap people who don't want to help/challenge/think for themsleves. Try actually looking for the book you want in the catalog before you ask me where the book is. Don't complain to me that you have to pay for printing and then have to walk over to the printer and pick it up. Seriously.

Really, I'm not this negative in person. People just suck, so it makes me bitter when they don't bother to try to improve themselves.


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