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I prepped for today's classes at Saeng Myong Martial Arts wtih a 1.5 mile jog to get the cardio going, then met up for classes.

LT - Most of the Tigers are on vacation, but one die-hard girl insisted on coming to class. She worked on getting her punches and blocks down while stepping into front stance, learned how to do push-ups and sit-ups, and tried to push herself when she was tired. Exemplary performance, young Tiger! Way to go!

TSD - Sun Bae Nim Cheryl led the class today, giving us some forms practice and a drill on rapid triple roundhouse kicks. Quite useful, those. Following that, we had a quick rundown of board breaking rules and practiced on the rebreakable boards.

Weapons - I had the students slow down the weapons forms a bit to give me time to place a kicking shield at each strike, letting them have tactile feedback on attack power and feel some impact resistance. This got them to re-examine their forms and do some introspection.

KF - After warm-ups and form work, I had the students practice some sword combat elements: blocking, parrying, counter attack kicks, and more. They felt the drill helped them be less rigid during a sword/knife fight, and I'm glad they were so responsive to it.


Aug. 2nd, 2013 12:56 pm
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Just a few stories of note behind the cut.

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Has it been a week since I posted? Bah! I should update more. Anyway, I was asked to cover the early morning classes again, leaving me with a busy morning.

Our Little Tigers students were very sleepy this morning. The cubs found balancing on one foot sooooo hard!

TSD class - Run, my Tang Soo Do students, RUN!! BWAHAHAHA~!!

Weapons- sword and staff were handled with all due diligence.

Kung Fu- Introducing students to The Deck of Pain is always a hoot, even more so when followed up with a half an hour of forms.

deck of pain
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I've been taking a fairly active role assisting in the kid's classes this month and I'm finding it's getting a tiny bit easier in understanding how to teach them. Some of the kids are around 7 years old, some are early teens, and just a few are about 4 or 5, so I have to try to be flexible enough in my teaching style to reach all of them while also realizing that my expectations of results needs to be appropriately scaled.

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While assisting the Little Tigers program, a four year old said that I "looked like a ninja" and it was "so cool." I don't know many ninjas with mutton chops, but I still thanked him.
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Note to self: the kid's class runs 45 minutes, not an hour. Stop trying to make the kids work harder when they just want to go home.


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