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I prepped for today's classes at Saeng Myong Martial Arts wtih a 1.5 mile jog to get the cardio going, then met up for classes.

LT - Most of the Tigers are on vacation, but one die-hard girl insisted on coming to class. She worked on getting her punches and blocks down while stepping into front stance, learned how to do push-ups and sit-ups, and tried to push herself when she was tired. Exemplary performance, young Tiger! Way to go!

TSD - Sun Bae Nim Cheryl led the class today, giving us some forms practice and a drill on rapid triple roundhouse kicks. Quite useful, those. Following that, we had a quick rundown of board breaking rules and practiced on the rebreakable boards.

Weapons - I had the students slow down the weapons forms a bit to give me time to place a kicking shield at each strike, letting them have tactile feedback on attack power and feel some impact resistance. This got them to re-examine their forms and do some introspection.

KF - After warm-ups and form work, I had the students practice some sword combat elements: blocking, parrying, counter attack kicks, and more. They felt the drill helped them be less rigid during a sword/knife fight, and I'm glad they were so responsive to it.
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I've been a bit neglectful of my LT updates. Let me fix that.

Little Tigers- Blocking was the focus of the day, as they learned to use their high and low blocks to keep themselves from being hit by the dreaded foam noodle! Protect yourselves, Tigers!

TSD- Test is just around the corner, so we took some time to practice our forms, go over terminology, and then end the day with a review on breaking techniques.

KF weapons- One of our blue sash students is testing for his next level of blue, so I spent some time critiquing his staff form and giving him tips.

KF- After forms practice, I set up several targets for the students to use the offensive elements of their weapons forms against in a practical drill setting, focusing on slicing angles, stabbing accuracy, pommel strikes, and more.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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As for today-

LT - Senior instructor Cheryl covered for me today, so I got to sleep in a tiny bit. Thank you, ma'am! (I did get to see the tigers when I arrived to do paperwork.)

TSD- Again, thanks to Cheryl for pointers on my forms, as well as pummeling us during some blocking drills!

Weapons - helped a student practice his parrying using the staff, also got to work on a new staff form I'm creating.

KF- Okay, I was kinda mean here. I not only had the class complete a full Deck Of Pain, but I also made them do their forms. They'll be fine, though.

After all of that, I was sitting in on the Kid's Stranger Awareness Seminar to take notes. This is a really solid program, offering vital info for both children AND parents.

So busy!

Oct. 7th, 2013 10:13 pm
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Since our return from Switzerland, I've been crazy busy with martial arts stuff. Let me summarize-

*I passed my test for high level red belt in TSD. This leaves me with just under a year to pass two more tests before another black belt test emerges.

*The Little Tigers program has been a blast. Saturday morning class has been progressing well, and I've been invited to take over an early Friday afternoon class on an ongoing basis.

*Our school had a booth open at Broomfield Days, a local annual event where nearby businesses try to gain some visibility during the fair-like events. We had our demo team show their stuff and they drew in quite a crowd. Here's to hoping we gain a few new students for our efforts.

*Sunday class has been reasonably successful, though so far only our teenage brown belts have really utilized it regularly. I'm not complaining, mind you, as they've been practicing quite hard during the unstructured time, but I do hope some of the other students take advantage of the class.

Of course, while I'm on the topic of a Sunday Class, let me share with this little tale with you...

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LT- Little Tigers were learning important life lessons today, such as remembering to pull your toes back when kicking things.

TSD- kicking drills, no-hands combat, and multiple person sparring!

Weapons- iron staff and heavy sword training day. Whew!

KF- Intense abs workout with medicine ball, tons of forms work for everyone! Also, I taught an intermediate form to a student today, something I had yet to officially do!
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LT - The Little Tigers ran through (an appropriately sized) obstacle course to practice jumps, dodging, and kicking. They were so excited that they promised to give "1,000,000 percent"!

TSD- Blindfolded forms practice!! Awwwww yeah!

KF Weapons- I taught one of our new Green Sash students some basic staff work to prep him for his upcoming staff form. I LOVE weapons class!

KF- helping our returning students regain some lost knowledge, teaching new forms to both white and green sash students, and giving them all practice drills which make them exhausted. Ahhhh, what a good class!

Now to get ready for the school's annual picnic!
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The Little Tigers classes love me so much, they really miss me when I'm not there.

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One of our Little Tigers promised to use his front snap kicks to protect his family from wild animals during their camping trip. My, how brave! Watch out, squirrels!
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Saturday was a big day. Lengthy post behind the cut.

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Had to share this gem from this morning.

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LT - I got to teach some new Little Tigers how to ki ahp today! Such cute little roars!!

TSD- Ooh, I get to be a student for today's class! Thanks for leading class, Ma'am!

Weapons were readied, forms were practiced, and spin jump sword slashes were unleashed! Rar!!

KF - I cut the students some slack. After a bit of stance work, they simply had to complete 10 reps of 22 hand attacks and 22 kicks in 20 minutes. Easy peasy, right?


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