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Godzilla in Hell sends our titular kaiju literally into Hell where he has to figure out who (or what) sent him there.

Let's talk about this. First, he's apparently in an Inferno-esque Hell as illustrated by the whirlwind of souls. Second, he's bound to face his demons from all the people and monsters he's killed over the years (a strong parallel to his initial creation as the manifestation of the Japanese soldiers killed in WWII.) Third, and final, Godzilla must SOLVE A MYSTERY. HE MUST USE HIS BRAIN. What's not to love?

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It's an odd title for a manga showing, but the artist, Inoue Takehiko, demonstrates some amazing ability in this exhibition based on his work, Vagabond. If you recall, this manga was one I wasn't terribly fond of due to seemingly gratutitous violence, but I clearly missed out on the skill used to paint those images. The following link will give you some backstory to the exhibit, and I'll try to discuss what changed my mind about his work behind the cut.


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If I remember correctly, I've told you all about Barefoot Gen, Adolf, and MW. Since then, a few more have been added to the list.

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[livejournal.com profile] ng_nighthawk excitedly told me about the 18 meter tall statue of Mitsuteru Yokoyama's popular manga and anime character Tetsujin 28 in Kobe's Shinnagata district. I knew of a similar structure in Tokyo, the giant Gundam, but this one is much closer. I decided that for my first day of Winter Vacation, I was going to play with a giant robot.

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Nov. 18th, 2009 06:58 pm
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I've been hitting the library on campus to take advantage of the bilingual manga they have available. There's some good stuff there that I hadn't read.

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