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Vet says Ioliel's kidneys are 25 - 50% operational (better than we initially thought). Still an issue with some blood values, she's on a new diet, some meds, and has some years left to her. She was so happy that she peed on my hat, jacket, and pants. Yay?
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So, due to a TINY little snafu, I wound up having to go 24 or so hours without some meds. This left me a bit unstable for a bit there, but I'm okay now that I'm back on them. Sorry for the scare, everyone, and super special grateful shout out to my B-kun for taking care of me. (He frets a bit, but there's no one I'd rather have at my side.)


Since last week was a total bust due to both a dentist visit and the meds issue, I've redoubled my efforts to get into a regular workout routine at the gym. I've got a decent arms & torso, legs & abs, and cardio cycle going on, and today was leg day. I only meant to go for an hour, but it turned into 1.5 hours before I even knew it. Yay!


Just finished the horror film, The Babadook. To put it in a quip -

The Babadook - Creeping supernatural horror film that's all too human at heart. Can be tough to watch, but worth a viewing. 4 out of 5 stars.
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Finally having passed the 24 hour mark on antibacterials, I'm no longer a walking bio-hazard in the middle of our 'fair' society. In case that wasn't perfectly clear, society can suck it; I'm just happy to once again snuggle with my snuggle-bunny-mo-mo on these cool evenings. *sigh*

Of course, now I'm getting serious backlash from having a full week of very little, broken sleep. I'm sure it's not merely the sleep deprivation that's looming over my little ray of healing hope, but it certainly is the largest of my issues right now as narcolepsy isn't something to handle lightly. Ah, well, I can snooze as I do the yards of laundry that's built up.

I'm due for a write up of the flawed-but-fun Enslaved, a viewing of Attack the Block, and a few other tasks, but those can wait for just a ...*yawn*... bit longer.
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So much to do, so little can be done until my eyes recover from dilation. I apparently had an ocular migraine yesterday, causing scintillating, wildly iridescent colors to spin along my left eye in a pseudo-fractal pattern until it blocked most of my vision, remaining for about 30 minutes. No pain, mind you, I was just naturally trippin' balls.

My concern was, of course, tearing along the retinal scars from my laser surgery. The doc, after looking around in there, assured me that things looked great; in fact some newer, smaller tears actually healed up naturally! Go healing ability! So, yeah, the ocular migraine was probably caused by recovery of flu, strep, pills, etc, and my eye just screamed internally.

Knowing that it is some form of response to pain and stress, I can't entirely recommend them, but damn if that wasn't one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!
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What is this? I don't even...

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So I went and had my tooth worked on. No need for a root canal just yet, but I do have the temporary crown and some work on an adjacent cavity was necessary. Sigh. The temp crown will be for two weeks during which I'm to be careful of hot/cold drinks, eating hard foods, and being cautious of the crown in general. Well, that sounds like 'diet time' to me, which I'm fine with. All drinks will be through straws, all food will be fairly soft, all of my patience will be taxed.

Ah. The Novocaine has bequeathed unto me some feeling in that area, and I can tell it's going to be an ibuprofen day with plenty of naps.
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Well, damn. I had a tooth chip recently and had just assumed that there might have been a small cavity in there which I was unaware of that caused the decay. I met up with the dentist quickly today to learn that, in fact, the tooth is pretty much lost. I had forgotten that I had a filling on the other side of that same tooth, meaning that there's very little of the original remaining since the cavity which caused the crack runs deep into the tooth. This means that I'm facing dental work on Wednesday, either a crown or a full on root canal.

I'm not so worried about the dental work, honestly. My pain tolerance is well above normal and this can't possibly hurt more than the time I had all four wisdom teeth pulled at once. (Greg assures me that it can, but I refuse to be affected by this.) Hey, it's a new experience and I'm all for those.
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Did I mention that the eye doc found a cataract in one of my eyes? 'Cause, you know, that sure surprised the hell out of me.
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*Insert well known rant against KP here regarding lack of speed, mishandled cases, etc., balanced against the cost effectiveness of the organization.

Whew, thanks for listening to that.

While I did post pics of my frames, my lenses are ones which take many a day to craft to due my being blind as a mole. (As I understand it, bats can see just fine.) Thus, while waiting, I also ordered contact lenses and received several free boxes of daily wears. The daily wear is ideal for my eyes as it reduces the chance of the allergen reaction underneath the eyelid by the contact lens (like I had happen while I was in Japan). This sounded all well and good.

However, these lenses aren't right at all. They don't seem to fit, my notably weaker of the two eyes lacks the near 20/20 that should come with wearing them, and focusing on anything is a bit of a chore. On the off chance that they switched prescriptions for each eye, I swapped the contacts and found no improvement in the situation. The boxes state that my right eye is stronger than my left, but I'm nearly positive that it's the opposite. Of course, I can't confirm this as none of the paperwork that I was given states exactly what my prescription is and there is no information about this anywhere on my record on KP's website.

Not only does this force me to return in person to correct this, but it casts serious doubt as to the quality of eyeglasses that I'll be getting. I'm happy the trials were free, but the glasses weren't, and I hoping they don't pull some replacement fee BS. Gr.


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