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Since many of my friends are mystified by Japanese mythology, I've got a NSFW link provided by i09 that covers the devious Tanuki and their magical testicular powers. Below that is a series of questionable artwork featuring human genitalia. At least the Tanuki knew how to party; "I'm a scary pile of dicks" just isn't as impressive.



May. 3rd, 2011 04:07 pm
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I have finished all finals for my classes. Two of my grades have already been returned as passing, though there's still no word on the thesis. I'll be attending the East Asian ceremony this Friday, but I'll pass on the formal Commencement ceremony.

There. I've done it. I've *finally* completed my Bachelor's Degree.
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In non-thesis related news, Nintendo had a 3DS demo booth set up on CU Boulder campus today, and I got hands-on experience with it. A few rather clever features:

*the ability to turn the 3D off and on even while the game is running
*wider upper screen
*upcoming streaming Netflix
*large, smooth-moving analog control stick above the D-pad
*telescoping stylus (child sized hands to 'adult' sized hands)
*looks to have the same power charger as the DS/DSLite/DSi (just in case you lose it)
*Augmented Reality tech is still a bit gimmicky, but has TONS of potential
*Plays all DS games
*able to take 3D (and non-3D) pictures

-Sadly, the battery life is dramatically short while the 3D function is active, giving you a mere 2-4 hours of play time. (Non-3D gives you 5-8 hours.)
-Still 1st generation tech, so there could be unknown issues regarding lifespan of the hardware
-Not impressed with the UI for the main menu. Too cluttered and not terribly intuitive.
-Rather narrow viewing range for 3D effect. I found that I had to hold the system in a very specific way to get full 3D view.
-Camera seems comparable to DSi hardware, so no resolution upgrade.

I'm *still* going to wait on buying one, but this did confirm that I will get one at some point. Seeing that the 3DS is able to take pictures as my DSi does and is backwards compatible with DS games, it offers the features that I don't want to lose if I trade in my DSi. Maybe when more games are released and they're on second generation or so I'll seriously consider it.
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This link should take you to the Google Docs page where I've uploaded my thesis. It seems to work for me, but let me know if you have problems accessing it.

Yes, there are formatting issues in the G-Docs version that do not exist in the original. It can't be helped.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed the research.
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After one last round of revisions, the thesis is complete. I will be turning it in tomorrow to Shimazaki Sensei. *whew*
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1000th entry. Woo.

Also, I think I've completed my thesis. I'm sending it out to a few folks to see how it holds up, and then I'll meet with my advisor about it.

Wow. I'm really close to done.
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S-Sensei and I met to discuss the state of my thesis and she's overall quite pleased with how it's turned out. Sure, there are revisions to do (both [livejournal.com profile] mahannie57 and [livejournal.com profile] zalena had critiques which fell in line with Sensei's), but they're not nearly as overwhelming as I'd feared. In short, I'm about 95% complete with the thing a few weeks before finals occur as I had anticipated. This? This makes me happy. With the paper out of the way, I'll be able to focus on finals and be done with school.

If you want to read it, I'll send you an electronic copy after it's finished. I don't think it's a fantastic paper, but it's not dull, either.
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In other news, both [livejournal.com profile] mahannie57 and [livejournal.com profile] zalena state that my thesis is good, needing a few tweaks here and there, but otherwise quite close to completion and fun to read.

This makes me very, very happy. My thanks to you both!!
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Stoopid homework keeping me from my project. Hmph. Still, the thesis is nearly complete. Special shout out to [livejournal.com profile] mahannie57 for the help!
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If you're leading a class that revolves around issues like Orientalism and critical analysis of the British Empire's exploitive colonies, it would behoove you to say both 'diaspora' and 'pidgin' correctly. I'll usually let 'diaspora' slide, but 'pidgin?' If she wasn't a native English speaker I'd be happy to just let all of this slide because, hey, English is hard to master, but it's not the case. I think I'll inquire with a TA on this.
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Professor: Alright, it's time for the quiz on Chinese history and details on language planning within the ruling government body. Bonus point available if you can recall where a recent skirmish broke out in SE Asia.


This may not go well.
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Preppy Girl: If it wasn't for Wikipedia, I probably wouldn't be graduating.
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My Lit class has thus far been as enjoyable as the Arabic Lit class from last term, but for different reasons. Herr Vinkle, as I shall call her, is an instructor who as demanded that There Shall Be No Laptops While She's Lecturing. Her excuse, feeble as it is, is simply that it might be too distracting for other students while you're writing your notes or that you might check your email, which means you're not paying attention to Her. She has a class of 150+ students in a large lecture hall, using her laptop to put up slides, but we can't because we won't be poring over her every word while she tells us how life altering Conrad's use of light and shadow actually is in the text Heart of Darkness. She's operating off of 'might,' 'may,' and 'possibly,' which are thinly veiled attempts at disguising her desperate need for control.

I can see how some students don't pay attention in class, especially with dull material, and She supplements Her discussion with surprise questions that we must answer through the use of the iClicker, a $40 device registered to each of us which lets us submit an answer by pressing a button. I don't need to go into the blatant logical flaw regarding replacement technology, but one would think that Herr Vinkle and Her Elites (the TA's) would have seen this little issue and simply asked for hand-written answers to these questions which would also count as attendance. (Also, She has failed to use the iClicker correctly for the past two weeks.)

Forgiveness can be given, though, as it's hard to make students care, but She goes one step further in Her attempts at a Police State by distributing Her Elites randomly through the student audience. I sit the left-most back row, a seat that is next to both an aisle and a large open area approximately three seats wide. No sits next to me. No one is remotely close to me. I prefer this. I'll obey the "There Shall Be No Laptops While She's Lecturing" rule, but my iPod is perfect to discreetly check my mail without fuss while I'm waiting for Herr Vinkle to get over how dark the Congo is portrayed. Ah, but I failed to notice Ms. Glasses, one of Herr Vinkle's Elite, sitting in the spot far, far to my right. She actually had to put down her coffee, set down her notebook, extract herself from her seat, walk the space of three seats to stand over me proclaiming, "You Need To Turn That Off."

"Excuse me?" I reply.

"That. The Phone. Turn It Off." She promptly turns returns to her seat, clearly put out that people aren't respecting the There Shall Be No Laptops While She's Lecturing rule.

So that's how it's gonna be? Not only am I *clearly* not one of the typical students, but I'm also far removed from the herd so that I can't distract anyone. Okay, Ms. Glasses, you and Herr Vinkle are about to recieve my FULL ATTENTION.
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Last night, CU Boulder hosted a talk by Norihiro Kato, a well known author and literary critic in Japan. He discussed what Godzilla really means to Japan, how the monster has changed, and what he's come to be in the current state of Japanese society.

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After the talk, [livejournal.com profile] zalena, who was able to attend, offered to give [livejournal.com profile] dr_tectonic and I a ride home to celebrate [livejournal.com profile] robbster_zombie's birthday dinner. However...

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[livejournal.com profile] robbster_zombie wanted to head off to BJs for B-Day dinner. I had never been there, but they're apparently known for some delicious personal pizzas.

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While I'm flitting about fueled by excess energy, I want to toss out a note to the locals about an upcoming event at CU Boulder

In the Humanities building, the original version of Godzilla will be shown at 5 PM. It's free to attend, but you might want to bring a snack as it's long and can be a bit slow at times.

"Godzilla" Film Screening
Thursday, January 13 at 5:00p.m.
Humanities 150

I bring this up since it actually prefaces a very significant lecture by one of Japan's leading literary critics who rarely has talks here in the States. His discussion is directly related to my 'monster studies,' so if you want to know a bit about what I'm delving in, feel free to attend! It's virtually mandatory for me to attend this lecture, so if you want to arrange a meeting point or whatnot, lemme know!


From Godzilla to Hello Kitty
A lecture by Norihiro Kato, one of Japan's most prominent public intellectuals and professor at Waseda University's School of International Liberal Studies

Friday, January 14 at 4:00p.m.
Humanities 250

Why does Godzilla continue to haunt Japan, coming back over and over again to Tokyo? And why, despite Godzilla’s destructiveness, do we still love him? Where does Hello Kitty come into this picture and why has she been so important in talking about popular culture and national identity? “From Godzilla to Hello Kitty” will explore the deeper meanings behind two globally famous cultural icons—Godzilla and Hello Kitty—that speak to us about postwar Japan, trauma, and the still unresolved issue of war responsibility.

Professor Norihiro Kato (Waseda University) is one of Japan’s most important and controversial Japanese literary and cultural critics. He has published more than thirty books on topics that encompass history, film and visual culture, cultural studies, economics, and political science. Recently he published a widely read and cited op-ed piece in the New York Times expanding his critical engagement beyond Japan.

The event will be preceded on January 13th by a film screening of the original 1954 Godzilla, which was only recently released in the US.
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I knock on her door hesitantly, wondering if she'll remember me. The door opens.

"S________-Sensei?" I ask.

"Hi! Ohashiburi desu ne!" She recognizes me instantly, which throws me off balance.

"So desu ne, Sensei! You... remember me?"

"Of course! You went to Japan last year. How was it?" She's simply gleaming.

I'm invited in. She's got a class to get to in a handful of minutes, but she's still willing to hear my question.

I tell her briefly about my trip and how utterly awesome it was, which she's glad to hear. Okay, she's warmed up, time to address the issue at hand.

"Sensei, I need help. I'm working on my Senior Thesis, and I can't find an advisor."

"Oh. Okay, what are you wanting to research?"

"I want to discuss bakemono and yokai in-"

She interrupts.

"I'm in. I want to be on your committee. How many adivsors do you need?"

If she was gleaming before, she's scintillating now. She's immediately eyeing her books while I fill her in on the details of my work, what sources I've read, and where I'm at with it. Most of what I've read she's familiar with, and she's already supplying me with new material.

"Oh, this sounds fun! I'm glad that someone is researching this. Are you available to meet this Thursday during my office hours to set up a meeting schedule?"


And suddenly, I have an advisor that is positively thrilled to work with me on my research of Japanese mythological creatures of past and present. It's time to get to work.
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Classes have begun today for what should be my final term here at CU Boulder. It's not an exciting term: Contemporary and Modern English Lit, History of Modern Japan, and a Political Science class regarding Asian countries. I'll be left with enough time to work on my thesis, which is finally starting to coalesce in a readable format, but I've got much work to do on it.

I've been notified that I'm past my limit of 180 hours for FinAid, but I'd submitted a petition pleading to allow my stay for just one more term. My GPA is quite respectable, so I'm not concerned about it, though it does put off my tuition payment and subsequent refund a bit. Boo to that.

Yesterday's snowfall seems to have dumbfounded these silly Colorado drivers, and I'm always amazed that the first real snowfall of the season robs them of any ability to drive in the stuff. This is a cyclical event, folks. You've seen it before, you should remember how to handle it. My 1.5 hour bus ride this morning was not at all appreciated, especially since it should only take 30 minutes to drive that distance. I'm starting to believe that I need one of those large paper folding fans to smack people with when they're being unreasonably stupid.

Oh, yeah. My OG,OD,OY project may slow down due to school, but I enjoy writing about the games so it's highly unlikely that I'll stop. Besides, *someone* has to warn you all about the horrible games, so it might as well be me.
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Japanese-American Revolutionary History: A
Linguistics 2000: A
Arabic Novel: B+
Senior Thesis: Incomplete, still in progress

Huh, I thought I did *way* worse than that.
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25 page project analyzing Korean (written and spoken)? Complete!


Now, just two 10 page papers to write and a final to endure.


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