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Signal boost for some of the new events at Saeng Myong!

*Wanting to take martial arts classes but concerned about sparring or traditional belt progression? Try the new Fitness Track! Offering similar curriculum to the Black Belt track, the Fitness Track gives you the defensive training and great workouts along side the Black Belt track students.

*Tuesday night 5:30 Tae Kwon Do class will become Family Night starting June 1. Enrolled parents (either Black Belt or Fitness track) can participate in class with their children!

*Monday and Wednesday mornings now offer a Yoga class! See our website for time and class information.

If you have any questions or comments, you can find contact info on the webpage below.

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I've been taking a fairly active role assisting in the kid's classes this month and I'm finding it's getting a tiny bit easier in understanding how to teach them. Some of the kids are around 7 years old, some are early teens, and just a few are about 4 or 5, so I have to try to be flexible enough in my teaching style to reach all of them while also realizing that my expectations of results needs to be appropriately scaled.

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I've been participating in the Junior TKD programs as an assistant instructor recently, partly to establish 'presence' within those classes, but also to learn just *how* to teach the adorable ADD-riddled chaos spawn. (I mean that in a good way, really.) So far, the classes have been manageable; only a few waddling low belts and one or two silly kids, but otherwise the students have been attentive and willing to follow the lesson plan I'm given.

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I'm taking the month off from my contract at the library to focus on getting the black belt, and given that workouts and running routines are keeping me fit, I should be ready barring unforeseen circumstances. That said, today's classes focused on the tempo of the sword form to improve the slow/moderate/blast speeds at appropriate points. Previously my efforts were okay, but today's session solidified it into an elegant, dynamic form that somehow remained hidden from me.

To help with the training at home, I've cleared out the downstairs even more than it was to give me LOTS of room to do forms. It's a bit inconvenient to do weapons forms right now as there happens to be a lot of junk in the way, but B-kun promises to help analyze/dispose of most of it tomorrow.

Sorry, I'm a bit distracted. Our lil' girl cat, Ioliel, is lightly snoring next to me with an almost gentle *sigh* on each exhale. It'd be downright adorable if she wasn't such a hellion today, but it's still cute.

B-kun and I went to see Wreck It Ralph with [livejournal.com profile] heypyro and a host of other local guys last night. Fun movie, well paced, a bit too saccharine at times, good comedic timing, and plenty of cameos to keep any gamer's eyes actively looking at all the background characters. 3D added some nice layers to the race scene, but it's not a requirement for viewing.

I've been plodding through Darksiders II for the Xbox 360 with mixed reactions. Using the formulaic progression found in the Zelda titles, the rich settings and spooky background like the Legacy of Kain series, and the loot-collecting properties of MMO's like Warcraft, I can see how the dev team at Vigil took the best aspects of many games to create a reasonably fun title. Sure, it's a visual treat and a heroic tale, but the core mechanics aren't different enough to make the elements distinct from the inspiring games. At one point I acquire the Deathclaw ability. It's all glowy purple and ominous and whatnot, but it's little more than the Hookshot with a fresh coat of paint. Not to say that Vigil didn't try, but I think there could have a bit more innovation here.

Let me add that some of the missions/plot points are annoyingly tedious and feel like busy work; King X wants me to acquire his 3 Y's before he can get me to plot point Z. However, Y2 wants me to find his 3 lost A's before he'll come with me, all of which are IN HIS OWN MAZE. You'd think he'd know where they are, or at least have an easier time finding them than I would, but, no, like all protagonists, I must do everything for everyone despite being the Death, one of The Horsemen of The Apocalypse. Seriously? Fetch quests? Yawn. Gripes aside, it's a fun treat with plenty of customization available, tons of optional side quests, and some impressive stages to admire.
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Didn't quite get in my 21+ forms during practice today, but I still worked up a nice sweat.

post forms
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I wanted to postpone my commentary on the weekend's test until I found some resolution to a certain event which occurred during the event that I've avoided mentioning until now. But first, let me do a quick rundown of how the 4.5 hour exam progressed.

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Where to start?

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With it being the holiday weekend, the martial art school's weekend classes were cancelled, so Beemer and I went in for a couple of hours for a comfy spot to work out. My KF uniform is in the dryer, so I don my TKD outfit and we head out.

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For a while, I decided not to blog about my KF or TKD/TSD training on this account. It seemed rather played out and cliche; another night, another fight, more training, more, ahem, "fabrication" as some have called it. Yet, I know it's part of who I am, so instead of just abandoning my posts I created another account for this purpose. [livejournal.com profile] wushusaru was developed to keep track of the training, but written in a different tone. Even then, I didn't update regularly, which was the whole point of it.

So here I am, facing the oncoming, if not looming, pinnacle of my training, and I need to realize that by not regularly recording these events, much will be lost. As such, I'm now returning to blogging about my martial arts accomplishments/misadventures here as this is really who I am and what I do.

This does mean, of course, that I have a story to tell...

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Movie Night tomorrow will be Joe vs. The Volcano. Next week will feature The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Additionally, tomorrow nights potluck will be cancelled in favor of ordering out for dinner.

The board breaking seminar this morning was a fantastic success for most everyone involved, but I suspect [livejournal.com profile] bryree may have a different take on it. On my part, seven boards and three bricks met a violent death at the hands and feet of this empowered monkey. (No, not all at once.) Two warm up breaks, a knife-hand through two boards, a hammer kick through three boards (no spacers), palm strike through one brick, and a palm strike through two bricks (with spacers). Not too bad, eh?
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I had made a comment recently about how I had my ass kicked, and I've gotten a few puzzled looks. It was during our school's test on Saturday, and I was asked to proctor for the KF side of things. I got much more than I bargained for.

(This turned out to be kinda long, BTW.)

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Ugh. I've been in a massive slump recently, and pretty much everything that I hold dear was put on a shelf for a while. Time to get my groove back.

First: Movie night. It's been on hiatus for a while, and I've got a good direction for next month's theme. It's come down to this: either we watch "Movies So Bad, They're Good" or "Westerns." I'm fine with both, but I'm not the only one involved in Movie Night. What say you, loyal attendees? This weekend is probably shot for everyone and their kittens, so we'll plan for next Sunday.

Second: Martial arts. I've got my TKD uniform hemmed to my length, and I'm welcomed to the class rather warmly. Usually it's the TKD students that cross over to KF for extra training, and almost no KF students ever take TKD to boost their skills, so my actions are a bit of an oddity, but they know who I am and help me adapt my moves to fit in. Regardless of what happens, I must say it's exhilarating to be a white belt again. Helps keep my perspective in touch with new students. (Pictures forthcoming!)

Third: Games. I've got Super Mario Galaxy, Greg's got Mass Effect, and both are stellar games. (Pun intended.) Tonight I'll do a write up for SMG, as I think it's really exceeded many of my expectations, and do a bit of a spoiler free commentary on Mass Effect, which is awesome on several levels.

I'm off to the studio for a practice run of forms and to get a sweat. It's so freaking cold right now that the idea of getting a work out just to warm up is appealing.

EDIT: Where the f*ck are my manners? Super Special Monkey Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] returntoshore for using her awesome Mystical Girly Shit (sewing) to hem my uniform so I can continue with my Magical Manly Shit (Fu/Do).
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I probably won't be ready for test. My cardio isn't good enough, and after tonight's performance, my sparring needs more work. That's okay, because I'm doing something about it.

Tomorrow evening I will enroll in the Tae Kwon Do class at our school. This means that I can return to my 4 to 5 classes per week that I used to do, and get back into shape for my high red test at the end of January.

Yes, I'm still Kung Fu Monkey at heart. It's my major discipline, and I'm not giving up on it. I am, however, needing a bit more, so I'm cutting back on the frivolous expenditures to make the budget allow for it. (It's also surprisingly cheap to attend both!)

So there.

Am I dual classing or is this a prestige class thing? I'm confused.


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