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OMG. 'Jason of Star Command' is on Netflix. It... it's so horrible. Running commentary as we watch three episodes behind the cut.

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Finally watching Downton Abbey. Such subtle back-handing!
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I'm up to episode 3, and... well...

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I think that by now we're all just a bit sick of seeing our childhood icons remade. They've been corrupted and misused (e.g., Transformers), missing the point (X-Men 3 and Wolverine), or just obvious grabs for cash (all of the above). Thus, upon hearing about a Thundercats remake, I find myself hissing with displeasure.

There wasn't an 80s cartoon that resonated with me more than the Thundercats; an interesting team dynamic, a coming of age tale, a survival/exploration narrative, and more all wrapped up in an exciting action cartoon boasting great characters. Panthro, the mechanic/martial artist? Oh, hell yes. Cheetara, the telepathic/telekinetic/speedster? Completely awesome. Snarf, the doting mother/moral compass presented in a small, useless body with an annoying voice? Not so much.

Anyway, my point is that it was both unique *and* recognizable. The Robears were Ewok clones, the flight from an exploding planet was clearly Xeroxed from Superman, and all of the boys who watched the show identified with Lion-O as the 'boy who would be king.' (Except me, as I wanted to see more of Panthro. Shush, you.) It worked wonders, and I know I was a devoted fanboy.

Now there's a reboot coming our way on Cartoon Network, featuring a fully reworked story, anime style artwork, and a seemingly epic plot. You can see a promo clip over on IGN's site (link at the bottom of the page), which I can't post here as I can't get to work on LJ.

IGN has a good amount of info on their site going into details of the redesigned characters, and I'm liking what I'm seeing. First of all, Snarf won't talk. (You cannot imagine how much that already improves the series.) Second, Cheetara will be slated as one of the best fighters on the team, and while I'm afraid of her becoming a typical hotheaded speedster I'm also a fan of empowering her (and through her, females everywhere.) Third, the studio claims to have established a history and mythos behind the metamorphing mummy, Mumm-Ra. This oddball antagonist from the series generally cast some ineffective spells, had seriously questionable plots, and would turn from a withered mummy into a large, gargling warrior wearing a uncomfortably short skirt, and had very little history aside from being some great (though seemingly weak) form of evil. Hence, seeing a backstory as to what he/it actually is would be quite welcome as we've moved on from the need of a generic villain to someone with some complexity.

Sure, I'm being a geeky 30+ year old fanboy. That's what I do. You ought know this by now. Regardless, this seems to have some clever thought and design put into it, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.



Jun. 7th, 2011 11:00 pm
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We (and by 'we' I mean all four of us) have finally started Fringe season 2. We're only two episodes in and I think I like some of the bold steps being taken, but I have an issue with the twist at the end of episode 1. This twist was done back in Alias (several times, if I remember correctly) and while I can see the need for this event to occur for the plot, I'm utterly annoyed at how deeply stupid the protagonists were in missing the obvious.

Vague, yes, but I'm trying to remain spoiler free for those of you not yet watching this clever show.

Anyway, yeah, that was a massive oversight and fairly poor writing to shoehorn in a new element rather quickly. My gripes aside, I'm still enjoying the show, and it's nice to have something all of us participate in.
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I'd heard good things about the new cartoon series, Batman: The Brave and The Bold, but I've yet to watch an episode. After seeing this clip, I'm totally kicking myself for it. If it's this good regularly, I'm an instant fan.

Catwoman, Huntress, and Black Canary (collectively the Birds of Prey) sing about the... traits of their male superhero counterparts. Completely hilarious, amazingly well done, and catchy to boot!


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