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WD 10-20-11 Overview by Kansai Monkey
WD 10-20-11 Overview, a photo by Kansai Monkey on Flickr.

The guys have been very patient with me recently, so I treated them to a fairly sizable dinner.

Inari Sushi, Plum Sake soaked chicken with red pepper slices, veggie tempura (zucchini, onion, daikon, red pepper), and an experiment involving fried veggies with kara-age seasoning.

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weekly dish
Originally uploaded by Kansai Monkey
This week I offered thinly sliced chicken and shiitake cooked in a slightly sweetened mix of mirin, soy, sugar, and sake, all of which is then served over rice. Miso soup, being a staple to any Japanese meal, was offered as a side, as well as deep fried tofu squares.

The only issues with this meal occurs in the textures of the tofu, as I believe that it didn't fry quite properly, and that the chicken strips were not as appealing as I could have made them. Discoloration from the sauce gave the meat an odd hue. Oh well.
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pork wraps
Originally uploaded by Kansai Monkey
Switching over to a Vietnamese recipe, I sauteed some pork in a garlic and fish sauce mix, shredded the meat, and stuffed them in leaves of lettuce with cucumber, carrot, garlic, and chili sauce. I was supposed to be able to wrap the lettuce packages in boiled green onion strips, but that proved futile. Toothpics to the rescue!

This week's creation of yakiudon did not get a pic taken.
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While brainstorming for a Japanese dish which the guys would love, I recalled that they consumed far more than their share of okonomiyaki, an iconic dish widely served in the Kansai region. It's really not hard to make; finely shredded cabbage, flour, water, eggs, green onion, and water chestnut as the core ingredients, add pork, chicken, beef, or shrimp as the meat, and top with mayo and sauce (yakisoba sauce works pretty well as a substitute.)

There were issues with the meal though; due to some mix up on my part, the batter didn't cook entirely right, leaving it slightly more doughy than it should, and I didn't have the right toppings for it. I thought it was merely 'meh,' though the guys loved it.

But beyond any of that, I took a blurry pic, so I have nothing to show you this week. :(

I will, however, offer you a link to the Wiki entry, which should work.

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Weekly dinner
Originally uploaded by Kansai Monkey
One of the biggest things we can work on as a family is trying to reduce how often we go out to eat. I think I can help by offering a weekly Japanese dish. Here, I've made Udon Noodles in an egg and mushroom based sauce with mirin and soy served with chicken strips and a small bowl of rice topped with marinated ginger slices. Nom!


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