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Goth: Do you have a grimoire anywhere on this campus?

Me: ...a grimoire?

Goth: Yeah, I just finished all of Lovecraft's stories and LOVED them. So, do you hav-

Me: NO.
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More martial arts talk and whatnot.

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Aug. 15th, 2012 12:49 pm
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"Okay, so, like, I have a question? Why is this called the "circulation desk"? I don't get it?"

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Events have been set into motion. Please, please, please let these occur. I'm ready to walk this path.
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My next experimental piece is inspired by the turtle-like water spirit, the kappa.

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During my breaks at LEGO, I'll be taking some time to familiarize myself with the stunningly large selection of LEGO pieces that they have stored here in order to try my hand at crafting a variety of bakemono in this medium. I'm not guaranteeing success; I'm sure some of my entries are going to be feeble submissions, but I'm bound to improve over time. At my current rate, I'm looking at about 1 or 2 per month and I will only post finished pieces with some commentary on the critter and a bit of a postmortem on the building process.

My first entry is the dreadful sea monster, the umibozu.

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After some nudging by friends who were concerned about my well being, I realize that I ought to post an update. Yes, I'm doing fairly well in light of recent events.

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So, heaps of thanks to everyone who sent me the supportive thoughts and emails about my problems with the family. No, it's not resolved, but I can wait it out.

I wanted to let everyone know that we're still doing Movie Nights here at the TAMC dwelling. This month, [livejournal.com profile] saintpookie has the helm, and he's declared it to be a Maggie Smith theme. You may remember her as Professor MacGonagall in the Harry Potter movies, but if you're more international in your viewing preferences, then you'll immediately know why we love her as an actress. So far we've seen The Last September and Keeping Mum, and this Sunday we're showing The Prime of Ms. Jean Brody.

Would anyone be interesting in a monthly anime night viewing?

One of our KF students has finally come to the realization that most people at the school think he's a jerk. Let's see here: disrespectful, openly laughing at some of the forms, crude, dismissive, and thick-headed. Yup. He's a dick.

While I can't talk about work much, I can say this: I'm on a project where I can actually stun the female co-workers with my unabashed lack of taste. No, it's not any HR violation, but they stop what they're doing to gawk while I'm testing. Needless to say, I both love and hate my new project.
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I've got so much to discuss and so little time to do it.

First up, grades. 3 A's and a B+. Not perfect, but still not bad.

Second, I'm taking a year off from school for a number of reasons. Nothing bad, but I need the money, so I'm back at iBeta (the super seekrit job).

Third, I broke my finger during KF tonight. Okay, it's really more of a broken knuckle, and even then it's a small break in the first knuckle of the ring finger. I'd like to point out the sheer irony in this. I can fight teleporting black belts, break boards and bricks, spin kick above my head, and terrorize my opponent, but somehow I manage to GET MY RING FINGER WRAPPED UP IN THE OPPONENT'S SASH AND BREAK MY KNUCKLE. Seriously, I broke my finger on CLOTH. Whatever!!

Fourth, I have now broken a bone. I've never done that before. Even the car wreck managed to only give me fractured vertebrae. I'm rather excited about it. At least, until the Vicodin wears off.

Fifth, I'm really stoned on Vicodin. Whee!

Sixth, Movie night is cancelled for this weekend, and we're looking for a movie for next weekend as well as a theme and moderator for next month.

Seventh, Beemer is a jerkbutt for blogging about my broken finger before me.

Eighth, Stoned Monkeys. I'm tired and heading bedwards. Take care of yourselves!


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