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When iconic characters and settings get stale, fans complain about the lack of change. When things are changed, fans complain that it shouldn't have happened. Therefore, fans are whine-babies.

The role of Thor is now in the hands of a woman? Sure, she even kicks ass at it and it's well written. (He was also a frog once, so whatever.) Superman has been portrayed by a cyborg, a man in a power suit, a telekinetic kid, a different alien, and even split into two beings. We say "Sure, whatever." Yet, when the recently "deceased" Logan (aka, Wolverine) has his role passed on to his female clone, Laura, fans go feral.

"Don't touch him! Put him back!"
"Laura Caitlyn?"
"Don't make mine Marvel."
"So, Wolverine's a pussy now?"
"Black Captain America, female Thor, Mexican Spider-Man, and now girl Wolverine? wtf?"

The gibbering litany of insults over on Marvel's website from "fans" showing hate over a fictional character's title being passed on to a female shows, explicitly, that these people (both male and female) ignore the very concepts their treasured heroes/heroines are written to struggle against.

Congratulations, whine-babies, you've become worse than most of the villains your icons fight.
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Dear neighborhood children,

When you see a scowly man practicing with sword, staff, etc., in a tennis court, there are a few things you should NOT do.

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"You must be shopping for someone else, right? Birthday gift?", the saleswoman says to me. Actually, I should say 'holler' as she was on the other side of the store when she said it.

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Me: What? You can't use the Arrow of Slaying ability when trying to take over a citadel. It's not a person!

Beemer: (uses ability) Nope, you're wrong. It worked. 250 points of damage.

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I'm watching Gatchaman again and, I kid you not, the villain (Berg Katze) had the image of Jesus carved next to faces on Mt. Rushmore. This was, of course, to house his newest weapon, the giant Lava Jesus Robot that terrorizes cities.

Seriously. The Lava Jesus Robot emerges from volcanoes to rampage nearby cities.

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Fun morning at Starbux. Pulled into spot next to poorly parked car, accidentally tapped my door on his due to his parking too far to the right. Cranky driver starts spewing obscenities, blaming me for parking too close, I simply state that he's parked on the dividing line. Man's wife exits Starbux, listens, and starts to side with her husband. I ask, "Oh, I'm sorry. Do you have room to get in?." "...no.", she replies. She starts yelling at him to pull out, and they begin bickering.

Seriously, people, be accountable for your own choices and calm down. Also, maybe switch to decaf?
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If I'm watching an anime, I kind of expect the voice actors to pronounce "karaoke" correctly. I mean, really!
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I'm watching the new series of Gatchaman right now, subtitled Crowds. It's a very, very different beast than it's predecessor, with an odd art style, strange characters, and inexplicable events all of which are peppered with enough call-backs to keep you just interested enough to keep watching. Berg Katzen is here, as is a new version of Galactor, along with a Gatchaman team, logo, and transformation sequence. I don't know that I *like* it just yet, but I'll watch it.

In the meantime, I'm going to tuck the lyrics of the main theme under a cut as it's both a touch lengthy and complete gibberish. (I honestly feel like it out gibbers my Gibber tag entries!)
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July 20-
Man on phone with Indian accent: Hello, okay? Yes, I am with Windows, okay? Yes, and I am calling to tell you that you have downloaded bad files, okay? When you use the Internet or play games or use Facebook, you downloaded files which corrupts your hardware and software, okay? Now, I will walk you through your computer and tell you which files to manually delete, okay?

Me: Yeah, I'm gonna hang up on you now.


*phone rings, man with deep Indian accent asks for Beemer. I recognize his voice as the man from "Windows" who called me last week.

Me: Who is asking?
Him: Yes, I'm with E-Life, okay? Is this (says our phone number)?
Me: Gee, I dunno. Is it? You called me.
Him: Is this (repeats phone number)? Yes or no? Are you listening?
Me, irate: Oh, I'm SO listening.
Him: Yes, we're calling about your computer. When you get online, you may download viruses-
Me: Oh, YOU. Yeah, you called just last week, telling me you're from Windows and that I need to delete files from my PC.
Him: No, sir! Windows does not call people directly! We're calling to fix your computer, okay!
Me: And to do so, I need to delete the very same files you told me last week, right?
Him: Well, okay, but-
Me: Oh, hell no. Hey, take my number off your list and don't call me again, OKAY?

He starts to argue and I hang up on him. Man, that's really getting on my last nerve.

Old hat

May. 31st, 2013 10:16 am
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Oh, look. DC must have found a new refrigerator, or at least cleared out some room in the old one.
*spoilers, not that it really matters*


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Japan handles KFC very, very differently than the US does. For instance, the following link will take you to the ad for their new product, Krushers, a fruit smoothie sort of drink.

Oh, that pop up that appears? Yeah, that's a "helpful" suggestion to avoid staring at the image for too long.

(h/t Kotaku)

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I've been gaming for a vast majority of my life and I need to comment on what was announced today. Xbox revealed their next console, Xbox One.

*it must be online at least once every 24 hours
*games must be fully installed to the HDD, used games must be purchased at full price (no loaning titles to friends, eliminates rentals and services like Gamefly)
*500 GB HDD is not removable, external memory can be added via one of 3 USB slots
*console requires its own proprietary cable box
*Kinect is sold with system, is always on (always watching, listening!), must be used for navigation
*not compatible with Xbox 360 games, XBLA purchased titles
*almost certainly still required additional monthly fee for online use
*looks terrible, more angular and boxy than the NES
*expected to be released at the end of this year, yet no price point announced

You know what? I'm skipping the upcoming gaming generation entirely.
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NSFW, K. You have [livejournal.com profile] toosuto to "thank" for this one.

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Having re-acquired a PS3 for the holidays, I found myself in possession of Demon's Souls once again. (This is in no small part due to the generosity of [livejournal.com profile] goobermunch and [livejournal.com profile] derbiser, so props to them.) Anyway, if you know my gaming habits then my owning another dungeon crawler isn't surprising; no, in fact, I've been playing the genre consistently through my years and I'd like to think of myself as at least a seasoned veteran at it.

Last night, while exploring the Tower of Latria (a four level prison filled with poison traps, horrid Mind Flayer type magicians, and other dangers), my progress was going smoothly until I had... I'm not sure how to express this. A senior moment, maybe? While in one part of the dungeon I found that I had fully expected an elevator to be present, acting as a shortcut once I retrace my route at a later point, but it wasn't there. Confused, it became clear that I had blended dungeon elements from several games into a false memory. The elevator from The Dark Spire on the DS had infused itself into my recollection, as well as expectations of lifts, tower bells, and such from Dark Souls. I had a moment of sheer dissonance from my dungeon crawling session which left me completely unable to recall where I was in that dungeon, how I got there, and in my frantic backtracking, I fell down a rather obvious pit and died.

It wasn't the loss of game progress that got me, but rather concern of having lost my ever-reliable dungeoneering instincts. I had an unnerving glimpse into my future as an old man, hunched over a controller, cursing myself for not being able to recall which games I'd cleared out, which dungeons had which traps, and if I'd actually be able to enjoy this recreation at that point in my life. This isn't a picture I'm enjoying as it does point out that my already imperfect memory is slipping further.

On the other hand, it does make for an interesting character premise: the grizzled dungeon crawler, leading his team of inexperienced adventurers, suddenly has a moment of clarity (or doubt) about where he is and what he's doing. Did he just lead the kids into a dangerous lair while recalling a false memory, or did he just suffer memory loss while at a crucial moment? It could be a fun experimental character to run, but I'd prefer to keep my escapist adventures quite separate from reality.
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Goth: Do you have a grimoire anywhere on this campus?

Me: ...a grimoire?

Goth: Yeah, I just finished all of Lovecraft's stories and LOVED them. So, do you hav-

Me: NO.
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Oh, so I can pay $7 PER POST on FB to make sure that all of my friends/followers see my updates, though this was a standard feature previously?

See Facebook fail. Fail, Facebook, fail.
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Patron: "Yeah, I need a library card."
Staff: "Okay, just fill out this short application-"
Patron: "Psh, I don't have time for that. I'm double parked." (patron leaves)


Aug. 15th, 2012 12:49 pm
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"Okay, so, like, I have a question? Why is this called the "circulation desk"? I don't get it?"

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The finer points of the day so far:

*two patrons have loud disagreement, police called to mediate.

*unrelated to previous incident, another patron claimed we stole $1 from him. (We didn't, as he realized much later)

*students insistent that you can rent textbooks from the library instead of buying them at the bookstore.

*At home, new neighbor behind us parks directly behind our garage. Again. She sees that I'm pissed, and offers me this apology: "Look, I wanted to say that I'm sorry that you're angry and this will never happen again." She then walks away without waiting for a response from me. I guess you'll be taking us off your Christmas card list, then?

It's only 1:30 PM here. I wonder what other crazy people I'll run into today?


Jul. 29th, 2012 04:08 pm
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To the individual who just consumed what he pulled from his nose,

Do not touch our books. Do not touch *anything*.

Everyone, ever.


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