Apr. 1st, 2012

April 1st

Apr. 1st, 2012 12:55 am
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It's now April 1st, meaning that my B-kun and I have reached our 11th anniversary! I do believe that a fancy dinner shall happen tomorrow. Additionally, it's now year 12 since I stopped smoking! Rar!
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We've got dinner planned out at Domo's, a great Japanese place down in Denver, leaving us up to our own devices for the remainder of the day. I could work out, play some of the new games, continue to customize the new lappy, continue work on the bathrooms, etc., but whatever I do, I shall do so... relaxed.


Apr. 1st, 2012 08:37 pm
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Just got back from Domo, a truly authentic Japanese restaurant here in Denver. The ambiance, the food, the adjacent mini-museum; it's all very Japan. I had a starter of battara yaki, Domo's version of okonomiyaki, and sake udon with a side of unagi over rice. The noodles were served in a large bowl with salmon steaks, seaweed, ground mountain potato, and a lightly sake flavored broth. Added to this was one pint of hot sake and an 18 oz. bottle of Kirin, and I'm both full and drunk. Beemer had gyoza as a side and daikon vintoro donburi; a bowl of rice topped with albacore tuna. We were also given seven different small side dishes ranging from spicy cabbage to meatballs to savory stewed potatoes and beef.

OMG I'm so full. Here I was trying to lose weight, too.

As I finished my beer, we explored the mini museum, mainly showcasing small sake serving bowls custom made for the WWII Japanese soldiers who managed to make it home. Numerous household objects, masks, straw shoes/boots, etc., were on display, bringing back a tidal wave of memories. I started crying. I miss Japan so much, but... the pain. The pain of being alone for a year in such a wonderful country still wounds me so deeply that I can't help it sometimes. We've promised each other to return someday, making memories that aren't so damned bittersweet, hoping to ease this psychological scar I bear. I'd like that, but it's a ways off. Someday.

My emo-ment aside, it was a wonderful evening. If you're a local, or just visiting for a time, I highly recommend Domo!


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