Apr. 3rd, 2012

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I missed practically all of March and it pisses me off to no end. Yeah, sickness and all that, but I'm *trying* to get back in the groove, here. Hell, I almost missed today thanks to my arthritis pains from this sudden cold-snap but Beemer encouraged me to go (after taking a reasonable amount of painkillers.) Glad I went.

I spent 10 minutes before class doing extra warm-ups to get the blood flowing, which seemed to help fend off the aches and pains I'd normally suffer during class. (That, and to work off all the extra food I consumed during our anniversary weekend, if I'm being perfectly honest.) It paid off enough that I had a quick impromptu sparring match with Scott during break.

Scott, being a red sash, knows the moves and what to do, but he's far too hesitant in his fighting style. He keeps a nervous defense up while obviously hunting for openings between my attacks, leaving him bound up in his own head while I pull off feints, combos, and whatever else I feel like trying out on him. When, or if, he learns to be more assertive and spontaneous, his tactical mind may serve him well. In the meantime, I just want to see how many times he'll duck under my roundhouse kicks that are aimed a good six inches above his head.

A new student, Kyle, joined up while I was out last month. Late 20 something, lean, blonde, closely cut hair, a touch taller than me. I was assigned to review/teach Taun Ta forms 1 through 3 with him, making sure his stances, punches, etc, are appropriate for his level. He's an eager student with slightly better than average coordination, so going over the new material was quite easy. Sure, he's getting tripped up over a few new techniques, but Kyle maintains a positive attitude. If nothing else, I need him to remember that he's got to keep his thumbs tucked into position or they're going to get seriously sprained or broken at one point. (Been there, done that. Trust me.)

I still had a bit of energy after class, so I spent a few minutes flitting about with a series of high kicks, deep stances, and superfluous sweeping arm motions for strikes and blocks. Given the state I was in when I started class, this fluid unstructured demonstration was a surprise as I didn't think I had it in me. I think I'm getting my groove back after all.


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